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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 3

NFL Week

photo by Trae Patton/NBC

Big Vinny Hickerson of Trailer Choir is a contestant on NBC’s weight loss challenge, The Biggest Loser, which airs Tuesday nights. For as long as he's on the show, Vinny has agreed to write an exclusive blog for to share with readers just what he's going through. Keep up with Vinny’s progress at


Hey y'all!

Well, I survived NFL Week on the ranch. This was such a challenging week for me. As soon as Alison Sweeney announced we would be playing with NFL players, I was so excited.

In the first challenge, we were all competing against Tony Gonzalez, Drew Brees and Clay Matthews for $5,000.

All of us had cardboard cutouts with our pictures and a hole in the middle. We had to take a football and throw it into someone else's cardboard cutout to eliminate that person.

This challenge came down to Courtney and me on the Red Team. I am sad to say I did not win, but it was good to see the Red Team come out on top.

All of the teams this week had an opportunity to work out with some other NFL players during our Last Chance workouts.

One of the best moments for me this week was during the Red Team’s last chance workout with Tim Tebow. Tim really challenged me. I wanted to show him I could keep up with his workout, and I didn’t want to look like a wuss. I would never be able to live that down!

Tim is one of my favorite players in the NFL. It sure does take a lot for a University of Tennessee Volunteers fan to like an ex-University of Florida player. He said something that stuck with me: “Hard work beats talent and talent doesn’t work as hard.”

Alison told us at the beginning of the week that whoever is the Biggest Loser this week would win VIP passes to next year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis. What an incredible prize—especially if my Tennessee Titans were playing! Unfortunately I did not win. Coach Mike won, and I think we were all happy to see him take the prize. He has spent his life working in the football industry and has never been to a Super Bowl. Congrats, Coach!

This was a hugely emotional weigh-in for us. Each week the Red Team came in second to the Black Team, but always survived elimination. This week we weren’t so lucky. The Red Team lost the weigh-in, which meant we had to send one of our own home.

During our discussion time as a team, Patrick told us he was willing to take the hit and go home because the rest of us needed to stay on the ranch. I felt like he wasn't really ready to leave and offered because he missed his family.

During voting, everyone in our team voted for Patrick, except for me. I chose to vote for Courtney because I wasn't ready for Patrick to go. It really wasn't anything against her. I just couldn't vote off one of my best friends No one can really understand how close you become to everyone on the ranch. Patrick is a great guy and it was hard to see him go but I know he will be successful at home.

Remember to tune-in next week! —Vinny

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