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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 2

Temptation Challenge: Donuts

Vinny Hickerson, Antone Davis & Mike Danley
photo by Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Big Vinny Hickerson of Trailer Choir is a contestant on NBC’s weight loss challenge, The Biggest Loser, which airs Tuesday nights. For as long as he's on the show, Vinny has agreed to write an exclusive blog for to share with readers just what he's going through. Keep up with Vinny’s progress at


How’dy y’all! After last week’s episode, I was ready to face another hard week at the ranch.

This week we faced our first temptation challenge . . . donuts. Because I am diabetic, I already knew this was not a real temptation for me. I can’t eat a lot of sugar so there was no way I would be able to stuff my face with donuts and eat more than the other teams for a small time advantage in the gym. I was surprised to hear Coach Mike ate a few donuts, but I wasn’t too surprised by John. I wish I could have been in the room with Johnny making those noises. Watching that made me laugh thinking about how funny he was all the time. I never needed a TV on the ranch with Johnny around.

The one area I did make a mistake this week was when I decided to opt out of the group challenge. When we walked into the pool, I could not believe the giant maze that was in front of us! Alison Sweeney told us we had to use ourselves to make a ball get to the end of the giant maze floating in the pool. Because the Blue Team was a player short from last week’s elimination, I sat out for the Red Team to even out the numbers. I thought this would help my team since I had a weak ankle and couldn’t get around the maze as fast, but boy was I wrong! My weight would have helped our team get the ball through the maze and we would have definitely beat the Black Team. Plus I wanted to jump in the pool with all my friends.

Although we had been having fun with our challenges, there was more serious matters on the ranch to deal with. This week we all had to meet with Dr. Huizenga and talk about our health issues. When Dr. H was telling me everything that was wrong with me, I was trying so hard to be strong. I knew I had diabetes, and I knew I was at the ranch to make a difference in my life. I wanted to put on a brave face, but the truth is, I was so scared. If the ranch has taught me anything, it is how to stop internalizing my problems.

Going in to the weigh-in this week, I was feeling pretty confident. Although our workouts with Dolvett were late at night, we were all working hard to make sure we were eating the right number of calories. Plus, this weigh-in was the same day as my birthday! Words can’t describe the birthday present I got myself this year. I had finally gotten my weight below 400 pounds! I may have only lost 10 pounds that week, but it felt like 100 seeing that number change from the 400 range to the 300 range.

When elimination came around, Blue Team had to send home another player. I was really sad to see Johnny go because he really could make me laugh anytime I needed one on the ranch. This week had its ups and downs, but I was so proud of all I accomplished.

I hope y'all enjoyed the episode and don't forget to tune in next week for NFL week at the ranch! We have NFL superstars Drew Brees, Eric Dickerson, Tony Gonzalez, Clay Matthews, Shawne Merriman and Tim Tebow.


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