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Big Vinny’s Biggest Loser Blog: Week 10

Jacob’s Ladder

photo by Jacob Lewis/NBC

Hey, Y'all,

I sure hope you watched this week's episode, because I was on fire! Not only did I win a 3-pound advantage and some cash, I was also the Biggest Loser of the week.

The first part to this episode was the Thanksgiving temptation. We walked into the kitchen and host Alison Sweeney was standing by some of our most beloved Thanksgiving food. Each plate of food had a number on it. Whoever had the lowest number would get to choose from an option of prizes. The catch was you had to eat an entire plate's worth of food to get to use the number on the bottom. 

This was not a tough challenge for me. In fact, none of the food temptations have been over the season. The hardest part of being in a room with Thanksgiving food was the memories of loved ones that come with the smell of all the good home-cooked food. I knew going into this challenge I could not sacrifice my work on the ranch. I figured a plate of ham wouldn't have more than 300 calories, so I ate it, and luckily got the number 10!

My reward for winning was being able to chose a prize and I chose the 3-pound advantage. I knew staying at the ranch would be the best prize. The big challenge of the week was Jacob's Ladder. This is by far my least favorite machine. I think everyone hates it, but mainly because it is so effective. We had to go a whole mile on the machine, which works out to 5,280 steps. I knew going into this challenge that I most likely was not going to win. I have seen some of the other contestants on this machine and they are faster than me, but I was not going to give up. I worked hard all the way to the finish but my boy Ramon took the prize.

During some of our downtime this week we got to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with the trainers. They showed us we can still have good food we love, but that there are much healthier options. We all went around the table and said what we were thankful for—getting healthy so I can live a better life with my loved ones is what I am thankful for this year.

Later at the weigh-in, I am happy to report that I was the Biggest Loser of the week. I lost 11 pounds, putting my weight at 324. However, this was not all fun and games because Ramon got sent home. I had a really hard time with this because if John hadn't given the 1-pound disadvantage to Sunny, he would have been below the yellow line and might have been sent home instead. Ramon is my best friend on the ranch and it was hard to see him go.

Don't forget to tune-in next week to see who stays on the ranch for another week. We are getting close to the end! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving with their families! 


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