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Big Kenny Travels To Haiti to Find Friend

Big Kenny (Big and Rich) is the latest celebrity to travel to Haiti to help in the relief effort. Big Kenny's story, however, is a bit more personal. He is traveling to Haiti to find a friend who happened to be staying in the Hotel Montana in Port-Au-Prince when the earthquake hit on January 12.

Kenny took to his website blog to update fans on the search efforts. "The descriptions of the casualties is heart-sinking, though the outpouring of aid from around the world that I am witnessing is none short of amazing... Love is flowing. That is good. I heard a French girl was pulled from the Montana Hotel wreckage today alive. Still 7 search-and-rescue teams working there. I remain faithful. What a reminder to let the daily small stuff fly out the window and really live our dreams! Life is always in the moment." He adds, "Keeping it positive and running fast as I can to find my friend!" and urges fans to "help however small or BIG. I would hope someone would come if it were my town. Compassion and grace are the balance to the extreme and hectic race we're each running in our own lives daily."

He later blogged, "Arms and leg. Probably greatest amputation rate in our lifetimes. Now I know what war must be. Sick and f*ckin stupid nuts. Kids close yer ears and pardon my french. This is crazy. Mother nature got real pissed at something and took it out on these poor people. May we all say some kind thing to let them know their neighbors really give a damn. Please forgive us all! Please teach me forgiveness over and over. And then again.

Please show me how to just let all the [unimportant stuff] go and to feel true peace in its grandest form in all the moments of my life. Let me never forget to never forget. Let me feel the same pain my neighbor feels and let me help them celebrate their moments of joy! Help me learn to elevate everything around me. Help me to [care] as much about my fellow man as my own self. And help me to understand that my fellow man innately cares about me too.

Life is precious everywhere. In every county, in every hood, in every village, city, suburbia, country, cotinent . Every planet and every echosystem anywhere. Please help me to treat every living thing as special and beautiful as it is."


Big Kenny

More blogs by Big Kenny during his time in Haiti can be found at:


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