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The Band Perry Refuses to Fall Back

Some parents cringe when their kids even talk about forgoing college for a dream career in sports, acting or music. But not the mom and dad of The Band Perry. Mother Marie and father Steve were right there for daughter Kimberly and sons Reid and Neil every step of the way. In fact, they even discouraged their children from having a Plan B.

"When it came to college, it was kind of like role reversal," Kimberly tells Country Weekly. "Being the oldest, it was my decision to make whether to pursue music or have a fallback plan. In discussing that with Mom and Dad, their only comment was always very consistently, 'If you have a fallback plan, you are going to fall back on it at some point. So we need to remove Option B and go full-throttle toward Option A.' I don’t think we’d be here had we not done that."

In a way, the proud parents are like the fifth Beatle.

"Before we even played shows, for 14 years, they have been by our side," Reid says. "They are like the fourth and fifth member of The Band Perry. Mom makes us all presentable and Dad makes sure that we’re all headed in the right direction. He handles a lot of our personal calendars."

Kimberly describes Marie as the trio's "coach."

"She’ll go out on almost every tour date with us and I do not believe that we’ve done as great a performance as we possibly can unless she says so. We really gauge a lot of our live performance around her feedback. Because she’s seen us since day one. So she knows when we’re at the top of our game and when we’re not, and she usually knows how to fix it."

Adds Neil: "If you’re sitting or standing beside our mother during our show, you’ll see her on her phone writing notes about what she’s seeing. She’s always thinking about how to make it better."

Boiled down, The Band Perry is a family business.

"The one thing that our entire family has is this workmanship," Kimberly says. "Everybody has their own role and their own strength and it just works together like this machine."

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