The Band Perry Celebrates Double-Platinum Single

The trio is excited to hit the road with Reba.

Prior to their CMA Music Festival performance at LP Field last night (Sunday, June 12), sibling trio The Band Perry already had something to celebrate—the double-platinum success of their single “If I Die Young,” which has sold more than 2 million copies. During a press conference, Big Machine Records label president Scott Borchetta awarded plaques to the trio's Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry to commemorate the success of the touching ballad. “‘If I Die Young’ has been a humbling song to be a part of,” Kimberly, the song's sole writer, told reporters backstage. “First of all, it was our giant hello to country music, so professionally it was an important one for the three of us. But also to be part of a song that has meant so much to so many people, it’s been overwhelming.” The trio, who often sign for upward of two hours after each concert, shared a story of how the song touched even one of their youngest fans. “We were playing the Austin rodeo, and this little 7-year-old girl decked out in cowboy gear came through the line and said, ‘This is my favorite song. My best friend died last summer and this song helped me through that.’ She had a giant smile on her face,” said Kimberly. “What I love about ‘If I Die Young’ is that it’s been so transcendent. It’s meant so much to 2-year-olds and our 80-year-old grandmother and her friends.”

The also talked about hitting the road as an opening act for Reba McEntire later this year, along with Edens Edge and Steel Magnolia. “It’s our official first middle slot that we’ve had, so we’re grateful that she gave that to us,” said Neil. “We’ve always been huge fans of Reba. Everything from ‘Fancy’ on.”

“To her TV show,” interrupted Reid.

“I remember the first time we met her was the CMA Awards [in 2009],” said Kimberly. “Scott Borchetta introduced us. She was, like, our target in the after-party room. We went up and tried to be really professional and just shake her hand and we all ended up giving her this group hug, because we’re such big fans. We’re so honored to warm up the stage for her.”


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