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Announcement: Winner of Danielle Peck’s “Impossible Dreams” Contest!

Danielle Peck was inspired to pursue her dream of singing country music by the strength of family and friends who had conquered their own struggles. And with her new song and video, “Impossible Dreams,” she’s hoping to not only inspire others to dream, but to share their stories of overcoming obstacles—large and small.

After posting the top 10 stories we received, picked by Danielle herself, we asked you to vote for the story that inspired you the most. And vote you did! The results were close but we have a winner of our Danielle Peck "Impossible Dreams" contest. 

AND THE WINNER IS:  Lori Byrd—"Living Without Krista."

The grand prize consists of $500 and the winner's verified story published in an issue of Country Weekly. Congratulations, Lori!

And the second place winner is: Roger Kirkpatrick- "Walking Not-So-Typical."

Second place winner receives two tickets to any Danielle Peck show in 2013, as well as autographed merchandise.

Read the winning entries below.


First Place

Living Without Krista

by Lori Byrd of Arnold, Mo.

On March 19, 2010, the phone rang. They said your 23-year-old daughter was found dead of a heroin drug overdose. On my way to see her, I asked myself how I'd ever learn to live again without my baby girl. This couldn't be right.

When I got there to where they found her, I knew it was and deep down, I think I knew she was going down that path. As a parent, you deny, then it was just too late. I never had a chance to save my baby.

Since then, I go to heroin rallies and we pass out the poem I wrote and read at her funeral. It has touched and saved many lives. It was published in the poetry book Symbols. They call me “Momma Byrd” and know I will always be here for these kids who have no one else to talk to.

My dream is to have someone 5 years, 10 years or 20 years from now come up to me and say, “Momma Byrd, you saved my life.” That is my dream!


Second Place

Walking Not-So-Typical

by Roger Kirkpatrick of Nashville, Tenn.

At 28.3 weeks along in pregnancy, my wife delivered our little boy Dakota, who is now 6 years old. He nearly died after birth when he developed MRSA infection in lungs. He also was diagnosed with Grade 3 and Grade 4 brain bleed which led him to Cerebral Palsy. We were told he would never sit, stand, crawl or walk. We decided that it was not enough to be told that and started him on a strict regimen of therapy. At 19 months old, he stood to the TV to get close to the video playing, "Living Our Love Song" by Jason Michael Carroll and at 21 months old, he began walking. Only trouble is, he walks on his tip toes. All the way up on his toes. We didnt care if it was right or not, at least he could do it. So here he is at age 6 and is still walking tip toed but at least hes independent and can do just about anything that your typical 6 year old can do.

Not only was he diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy but later on would be diagnosed as Autistic with traits of Aspergers. He also has sensory dysfunction disorder and ADHD but is so nice and kind to others around him that he brings a smile to everyones face and can still be friends with all the "Cool" kids around because he is so likeable. He has inspired others to learn from him because if he can overcome a brain bleed that shouldve left him a vegetable and made sure he can walk, talk, play, sing, love unconditionally and so much more, why can someone who is not nearly as bad off not be able to overcome an obsticle. I know he makes me want to be a better person.


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