Alan Jackson Show Raises $152,000 for Earthquake Victims

"He’s such a regular guy, he grew up a small country boy like most of us did around here," one fan says.

Alan Jackson's concert in tiny Mineral, Va., Sunday (May 20) helped raise more than $150,000 to rebuild an auditorium there that was destroyed by an earthquake last year.

More than 6,000 showed for the concert in the parking lot of the town's high school—and more than 3,000 of those tickets were free for locals. Those who made donations to get tickets also got an autographed picture to go along with their tix.

“He’s such a regular guy, he grew up a small country boy like most of us did around here, and he still remembers where his roots are,” fan B.J. Brown told local TV station WTVR.

Jackson told the crowd he was happy to help. And folks there appreciated it.

"So many stars just get so wrapped up in themselves and quit thinking about other people,” said fan Sheena McCown. “The fact that he said I’m going to do a free concert and give out extra free tickets is really compassionate.”


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