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Roger and his band are one of the hottest acts in the Southwest and they are rapidly reaching the rest of the country, thanks in large part to the diversity of the music. Read More
“This record is about my relationship between the road and the band I’m in.” Read More
Enjoy this free download of Brett’s song “Don’t Ya” courtesy of TurboTax®. Read More
Thirteen for ’13: The big voices and magnetic personalities to keep an eye on this year! Read More
“I’ve been here in Nashville for 16 years and I never really fit into the mainstream,” she says. Read More
Brian is as fearless in performance as he is in songwriting, which is to say pretty darn fearless. Read More
Brent’s songs, whether hard-core country or middle of the road, possess a distinct sense of purity and integrity. Read More
Enjoy this free download of Florida Georgia Line’s song “Get Your Shine On” courtesy of TurboTax®. Read More
Iris DeMent went a virtual lifetime between albums, 16 years to be exact, but the wait produced one of the best-reviewed records of the past year, Sing the Delta. Read More
The Pistol Annie steps out for a solo album produced by Vince Gill. Read More
Enjoy this free download of Maggie’s song “Mostly Bad” courtesy of TurboTax®. Read More
Singer offers preview of album and upcoming single “Playin’ With Fire.” Read More
While Mike is a rock guitarist through and through, he is also steeped in classic country. And he displays those country roots on his first solo album, “The Fool on Every Corner.” Read More
For an act that doesn’t have the production that master showman Garth Brooks had, the Texas six-piece manages to whip their audience into a frenzy that parallels any that greeted Garth in his heyday. Read More
With Adventus, not only does the music become mostly rock with country sensibilities, The Departed also adopts a clear-cut band mentality. Read More
Though still young as a recording artist he’s been quietly honing his craft in his Emory, Texas, home since he was a boy. Read More
Listen to select preview tracks from the album “An Average Joes Muddy Christmas.” Read More
Despite the group’s regional Red Dirt roots, JB and the Moonshine Band is one of those Texas acts whose music is more country than much of what is heard on mainstream radio these days. Read More
Watch the video. Earn points. Meet Love and Theft. Read More
Get a free download of Edens Edge’s version of their Christmas fave “O Holy Night.” Read More

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