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Video Premiere: Otis Gibbs Sings of a Troubled Drifter in “The Darker Side of Me”

Gripping tale of violence appears on upcoming album “Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth.”

photo by Todd Fox/Shore Fire Media

Check out the premiere of the video for singer/songwriter Otis Gibbs’ “The Darker Side of Me,” which appears on the upcoming album Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth (due out August 19).

Otis draws on his fascinating life for much of the album, including several years as a nurseryman planting trees. “The Darker Side of Me,” a gripping story of a troubled drifter who answers injustice with violence, was actually based on a tale Otis heard while sitting around a campfire with hobo friends.

Those varying approaches speak to the way Otis and many creative types receive their inspiration, which is to say, one size does not fit all. “There’s no real thought out process. It just seems case by case,” says Otis. “It’s hard to discuss things like that because I think creative people don’t think of things in those terms. They’re just simply in the moment doing whatever it is they do.”

Otis compares that songwriting proces to being lost, but that doesn’t mean he thinks it’s a bad thing. “There’s a great mystery about it to where you’re wandering around,” he says. “The longer you wander around, you get better at finding your way. That’s part of the fun.”


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