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Trouble for Randy Rogers Band

Randy Rogers Band decided to shake things up a bit with their newest album, Trouble. They enlisted the help of producer Jay Joyce (Little Big Town, Eric Church), and the result has Randy feeling a little anxious . . . but in a good way!

“This record is definitely not in the envelope,” Randy tells Country Weekly. “I feel like we’ve always tried to play safe. When we have our band meetings and we set goals for ourselves and we talk about what’s important to us, we’ve said that several times: ‘I wish we could just make a record where we didn’t try to hard to be something we’re not.’ And the irony of it is, this record is more like us than anything we’ve ever done, even though the sound is a little tweaked with Jay’s influence. But it’s more true to what we do live and how we live our lives and the recklessness of our lives and being on the road 200 days a year. So much of us doesn’t fit into a box, and Jay Joyce definitely doesn’t fit in a box.”

Randy admits that there were times that Jay pushed them to try something new and he pushed back, but one song they gave in on turned out to be a favorite for the band—“Flash Flood.” Take a listen . . .


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