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Top 5: Patriotic Country Songs

In honor of Independence Day, we count down our Top 5 flag-wavers.

We all know that country music and American pride go together like fireworks and the Fourth of July. And with that holiday upon us, we figured we’d compile five of our favorite flag-waving anthems. And, no, Toby Keith does not occupy all five.

Happy Fourth, y’all!

5. “American Made” – The Oak Ridge Boys

Sure, it’s about a woman. But you just can’t help but feel good about American beauty when you crank up this Oaks classic.

4. “Only in America” – Brooks & Dunn

Preach it, Ronnie! Mr. Dunn’s crisp twang singing the chorus lyrics We all get a chance / Everybody gets to dance / Only in America is the sound of opportunity set to music. 

3. “Some Gave All” – Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray’s 1992 album Some Gave All may be best remembered for the phenomenon that is “Achy Breaky Heart,” but it’s the title track, penned by BRC himself, that deserves a medal.

2. “Made in America” – Toby Keith

While some might argue that “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)” is the definitive display of Toby’s patriotism, we prefer this more subdued number, which celebrates the wonder that is the simple everyday American. 

1. “God Bless the U.S.A.” – Lee Greenwood

What, did you really think this wouldn’t be No. 1? Lee is Captain America for a reason, because he wrote and recorded a song so patriotic that it would make Francis Scott Key envious.

Listen to all five on our Top 5 Patriotic Country Songs YouTube playlist!


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