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Top 5: George Strait “City Songs”

From Cheyenne to Amarillo and points in between, we follow George’s musical map.

Much like Johnny Cash, George Strait has been everywhere. Especially in his music. In honor of the King gracing the cover of our July 8 issue—on stands now—we put together a list of our favorite George Strait “city songs,” a Top 5 that just makes us want to hit the road—with our favorite Texas troubadour along for the ride.

5. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”

A cowboy’s rodeo life trumps the love of his woman, who leaves him for another non-“rodeo man.” Not that he’s all that heartbroken: He dusts himself off and hurries to the next go-round in Wyoming.

4. “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind”

A woman leaves her guy for a dude in Dallas, leaving George to wonder how often she still thinks about her old flame in this Texas-sized heartbreaker. A 1985 chart-topper, it marks the only time that George hit No. 1 with a “city” song.

3. “Marina Del Rey”

Virginia may be for lovers, but this seaside California town is for flings, on a hidden beach under a golden sun. The Golden State has never glowed so bittersweetly.

2. “Seashores of Old Mexico”

If you don’t crave a margarita after listening to George’s take on this Merle Haggard tale of lighting out from Tucson for Mexico’s beaches, check your pulse, amigo.

1. “Amarillo by Morning”

George name-checks San Antone, Houston, Santa Fe and, of course, the titular Amarillo before the big payoff—one of the greatest lyrics celebrating the vagabond lifestyle: I ain’t got a dime / but what I got is mine / I ain’t rich / but Lord I’m free

But George's musical map doesn't end there. Here are some other traveling tunes from the King.

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

We can all sing the next line, West Virgina down to Tennessee. George carried it to No. 1 in 1997.

 “How ’Bout Them Cowgirls

How many songs do you know that give shout-outs to Bangor, Maine, and Key Biscayne, Fla.?

“If You Can Do Anything Else”

Travel to Houston and Savannah, Ga., in this song that hit No. 5 on the Billboard chart in 2001.

“All My Ex’s Live in Texas”

Which is why he hangs his hat in Tennessee, as declared in this 1987 No. 1 favorite.

“Ocean Front Property”

Also from 1987, in which George sings of his ocean front property in Arizona.

“Give It Away”

Northern California, specifically “Frisco Bay,” gets its due from George.

Listen to our George Strait Top 5 as a YouTube playlist.