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Top 10 George Jones Solo Performances

The Possum had no shortage of great songs in his career, though surprisingly only 14 of them hit No. 1. We could spend pages talking about his music, but to keep it simple, here’s our 10 favorite songs of just George.

10 “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”

It’s a question we’re sometimes forced to ask about our heroes, and George’s 1985 single references Hank, Willie, Elvis, Johnny and others. Now we have to ask it once again, without a clear answer.

9 “The Race Is On”

There’s always a rush of emotions when you lose love—none of it particularly fun. So no matter which emotion wins (in this case, it’s heartache), you still lose.

8 “Choices”

This Grammy-winning 1999 single says every action has its consequences, and when you make poor choices you have to live and die with the results.

7 “Why Baby Why”

Released in 1955, this classic honky-tonk cheatin’ song was George’s first single to hit the chart.

6 “The Grand Tour”

A devastating glimpse into the wreckage of a man’s life after his woman leaves, from his favorite chair to the bed they shared, and, most chillingly, the empty nursery left when she took their child.

5 “If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)”

George wrings every bit of pathos from this harrowing tale of a heartbroken drunkard, released in 1981. He also seemingly lived this song for a while, making it all the more scary.

4 “White Lightning”

The Possum was also capable of being funny, as this ditty about his pappy’s caustic moonshine proves. Marvel at the way he’s able to twist his voice around to provide the funny sound effects.  

3 “A Picture of Me (Without You)”

A sky with no blue. A river where nothing is flowing. They’re empty and sad, just like this song’s character is without his beloved at his side.

2 “She Thinks I Still Care”

He still calls and asks about her long after he’s gone, but he has to play it off like it’s no big deal. But even he can’t quite make himself believe it, an internal conflict that grows clearer every second.

1 “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

This 1980 monster reignited George’s stalled career. The gut-wrenching narrative has the poor guy suffering every day of his life, hoping that maybe she’ll return one day. But only in his death does he find relief and peace.


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