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Mac Wiseman Delivers New Album, “Songs From My Mother’s Hand”

photo by Stacie Huckeba/The Press House

Mac Wiseman may not be a household name to all, but the bluegrass pioneer is set to become one of the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame this October. Mac is widely considered one of the signature artists who helped shape and create what we now refer to as bluegrass music, and also helped influence modern country music. He has released more than 50 albums spanning the genres of country, folk and bluegrass.

The 89-year-old entertainer talks about his Hall of Fame induction and his new album, Songs From My Mother’s Hand, in the Sept. 1 issue of Country Weekly.

The selections for the new album came from songs that were collected from composition books that his mother had when Mac was a child in Virginia. His mother would listen to acts on the radio and write down in her books the lyrics to the songs the artists performed.

“Those songs represent some of my most vivid and blessed memories,” Mac says.

You can read more about Mac in the Sept. 1 issue of Country Weekly. And check out this stream of “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” from Mac’s new album, Songs From My Mother’s Hand.


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