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Katie Armiger’s New Album Is All About Love

Hear a sample of “Playin’ With Fire” here:

Since she released her first album at the tender age of 15, young Katie Armiger (now 21) has gracefully navigated through those awkward teenage years into young adulthood. Now, with the upcoming Jan. 15 release of her fourth album, Fall Into Me, she’s treading into some new territory.

For starters, this is Katie’s first album for which she wrote or co-wrote every song. It wasn’t her intent in the beginning, but it eventually made sense. “I definitely looked at outside songs for this album but none of them fit what I was looking for,” says Katie. “So I just kind of continued to write until I had everything and then the things that I was writing fit better than anything else.”

The results deal with love on a personal level: finding, losing, searching and enjoying. “It's not about one person, it's about multiple people,” Katie explains. “It's about my past relationships, it's about even some of my friends and their relationships and just watching them and seeing the really positive aspects and also seeing the negative aspects.”

Love has its ups and downs for sure, but Katie understands that it’s a process to find a worthy mate. “You learn yourself. You learn your likes and dislikes with every relationship.”

But sometimes, as with Katie’s new single, “Playin’ With Fire,” you ignore those needs for the thrill of the moment. “It's about being in a relationship or really into somebody and acknowledging that you guys aren't a good fit, and that it's probably not going to work out at all,” she begins. “But you just like them and are so crazy about them that you can't give it up.” Check out a preview of the feisty tune above.

As she heads into 2013 with a new album and more shows lined up, Katie reflects on her journey and career goals. “Every album, with every song, with every show, you just want to see a growth,” she says thoughtfully. “That's what I want to see. I always want to continually grow as an artist, as a person. I would love if the fans grow with me and I've definitely seen that from my first album to this album. I just hope the fans continue to follow it and people continue to play the music.”

The album Fall Into Me is available for pre-order on iTunes and on Amazon.


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