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Confederate Railroad carved a name for themselves with rockin' tunes and attitude to match. Now, nearly a decade after the band's debut, they're chugging back with new music that's matured along with them. Read More
In country music, it’s a little - known fact that if your song goes No. 1, you get a free truck. Well... not really. But that's what happened when Blake Shelton's debut single, "Austin," soared to the top of the charts. Read More
It's the season for fun, food andfestivities. And our special Fall/Winter Travel Guide tells you whereall the action is, from vacation meccas like Nashville and Branson tocharming, out-of-the-way places that take you back in time. So gatherup the family, gas up the car and hit the road - because funawaits! Read More
"And now, from Nashville, Tennessee -- this is WSM presenting the 3,950th consecutive edition of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry!" Read More
Country music's connection to New York is deep and ongoing. Read More
I took my daughter Carrie to school on Tuesday morning, and stayed for a parents' meeting. Her school is in the West Village, in a straight path about 20 blocks north from the World Trade Center. From the school cafeteria, we heard a plane fly very low and loud. We looked at one another, somewhat alarmed. One mother said quietly, 'That plane is going to crash' Read More
Some witnessed the terror unfolding ... Others came perilously close to danger, or even death ... Many more rallied to help victims' families. Read More
Following is a list of addresses, phone numbers and website information to donate blood, money and supplies to help in the rescue mission and cleanup after Tuesday's terrorist attack disaster in New York and Washington D.C. Read More
Ten years ago, Diamond Rio releasedtheir first single, "Meet In The Middle," a grooving song with amemorable guitar intro and distinct harmonies. The tune went on totop the charts and launch the group's career. Read More
South Of Heaven, West Of Helldoesn't sound like a fun place to go. But for Dwight Yoakam, there'sno place he'd rather be than in his new movie. The film with theformidable title is Dwight's baby - he wrote it, starred init, directed it and composed the soundtrack. Read More
On June 1897, after news reportscirculated that Mark Twain had died, the crusty humorist told areporter, "The report of my death was an exaggeration." Read More
Sherrié Austin's new video,"In The Meantime," is about how the pull of everyday life can comebetween people and their goals. Read More
Like so many pioneers before her,Reba McEntire is heading west. "Trying something different out in LosAngeles is going to be an exhilarating adventure," she says, addingwith a laugh: "Living in L.A. in the wintertime is not gonna be badeither!" Read More
Cledus T. Judd is ready for hisfirst stage dive. He stands on the lip of the stage insideNashville's 12th & Porter nightclub, preparing to leap into thecrowd Read More
Two slam-bang tours ... a fifthstraight No. 1 album ... a controversial trial that went his way ...and one more baby on the horizon. Could life possibly get any betterfor Tim McGraw? Read More
If there's one Golden Rule in themusic business, it's that timing is everything. Randy Travis knowsthat all too well - because the song that became his first No.1 was actually a flop the first time he released it. Read More
Merle Haggard kicks back on thecouch inside his tour bus and takes a long sip of coffee. Then helooks up, beaming like a proud papa. Read More
Before you post a question for Blake, please read through the guidelines posted below. Read More
George and Alan as Captain Kirk andMr. Spock could just be the beginning of a new multimedia empire ifthese two country superstars ever decided to branch out intotelevision. This duo could easily spin off its popularity and gowhere no pair has gone before. Here a few suggestions: Read More
Sometimes there's nothing better than a heart-tugging ballad to jump-start a singer's ebbing career - and Jeff Carson found a tidal wave with his current hit, "Real Life." The song's formula begins simply enough: Boy meets dog, boy loses dog, boy meets girl - but then there's a twist that's creating a powerful impact with radio listeners across the country. Read More