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Call up your best friends. Pack yourparty clothes. Get ready to pull an all-nighter. And you can spend itwith five fun-loving females on the summer's hottest tour, Girls'Night Out, which will showcase the talents of Reba McEntire, MartinaMcBride, Sara Evans, Jamie O'Neal and newcomer Carolyn DawnJohnson. Read More
After two grueling 16-hour work days in a row, Chely Wright's job is finally done - or so she thinks. Read More
A nervous Brad Paisley is sitting in a dark movie theater. His heart is ka-thumping as he watches every girl enter. He knows if the right one walks in - his ex-girlfriend - this night could change his life forever. Read More
Mark Wills looks out over hissuburban Atlanta neighborhood and takes in the sights and sounds.Children are playing nearby, car pools are revving up and friendsshout greetings from across front yards. Read More
Corrina Grant Gill was only 7pounds, 9¼ ounces when she was born. But she was still big enoughto make a grown man cry. Read More
With the poetic grace of a balletdancer, Lila McCann swirls around in an industrial loft. Her animatedimage ricochets off an array of mirrors. In jeans and amidriff-baring top, she's dancing and singing in a 1904 brickbuilding that was once a Los Angeles trolley car substation. Read More
With the push of a button, out comes Willie’s familiarvoice—singing Kermit the Frog’s kids’ classic “RainbowConnection.” Read More
For the last 10 years, fans havebeen asking us the same question: 'When are you gonna do anotheralbum?' " booms Harold Reid, the distinctive bass voice - andresident comedian - of The Statler Brothers. "Well, now, we'vegot it - thanks to a presidential pardon from Bill Clinton." Read More
Tim Rushlow is comfortable - and downright content - inside his contemporary skin. "I'llnever tell anyone I'm a traditional country artist," he says, " 'cause I'm not." He explains, "I don't want to cut a pop record or an alternative country record. I'm a contemporary country... Read More
For most people, a vacation is time to get away, a time to visitnew places or meet new people. For Martina McBride, however, theideal getaway is no further than her own backyard. Read More
I was living that song as we wroteit," explains PhilVassar. "And when you have to dig up your emotions like that,it's really hard." Read More
His new album is called LuckyMan - and Hal Ketchum couldn't agree more. "I am truly blessed,"he declares from the living room of his Nashville home. "I feelvery fortunate." Read More
Steve Holy is standing next to the50,000-pound mobile drilling rig he helped rebuild. The rig's mastjuts 40 feet into the star-flecked Dallas sky Read More
Mad dog mean, proclaims the sign onthe Nashville recording studio's door. Just before entering, TracyByrd grins and his longtime bud Mark Chesnutt chuckles. They're hereto record their first-ever duet, "A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side,"and they know exactly what the sign means. Read More
Remember that nothing lasts forever: beauty, employment, pleasure,pain, youth ... or the flu." Chely Wright offers that nugget, andothers, in her latest project: participation in an advice book forgirls called Hands On! 33 More Things Every Girl Should Know: SkillsFor Living Your Life From 33 Extraordinary Women. Read More
Troy Gentry squints as he lines upthe cue ball. Thwack! The cue stick rockets the ivory orb into thecrimson three ball, dropping it into the corner pocket. EddieMontgomery nods his approval. Read More
Before his country music star rose,Chris Cagle was an A student, a high school football star -and a super big brother. Read More
When Johnny Cash's rumbling version of the Neil Diamond classic "Solitary Man" won this year's Grammy award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance, the Man in Black was... Read More