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"I loved that house," declares Trisha, who's moving closer toNashville. "Really, it was just needing to make a change. Read More
Eddie Montgomery slumps over a pooltable in the dimly lit room, as if carrying the weight of the worldon his broad shoulders. He idly rolls the white cue ball from oneside rail to another, while his Montgomery Gentry partner, TroyGentry, strums some mournful chords on a guitar. Read More
Relaxing in the air-conditionedcomfort of his tour bus, Randall Hank Williams Jr. - "Bocephus," ifyou prefer - pulls off his trademark sunglasses and rubs his eyes.After years of hard living, he has the relaxed air of a mancomfortable in his skin and content with his life. Read More
It's amazing that a million people have bought my album," declaresSara Evans with a touch of awe, after recently receiving herfirst-ever platinum record for her latest CD, Born To Fly. "It reallyis the first time I've felt like I've truly arrived. Read More
Billy Gilman is spending a rare,quiet afternoon at his home in Hope Valley, R.I., taking a break fromhis summer whirlwind. He flops into a chair, switches on thetelevision and starts to make plans with his buddies for the evening.It has already been a full day with family and friends, but like most13-year-olds, Billy wants to squeeze in every possible activity. Read More
Who needs to understand the Venusand Mars differences between men and women? K.T. Oslin knows exactlyhow to put the romance back into ailing relationships. "Live CloseBy, Visit Often" is the answer. Read More
Some country stars can dazzle computer guru Bill Gates when itcomes to tackling the Internet, while others don't exactly sparklewhen going high-tech Read More
Loretta Lynn is beaming as she cutsthe ceremonial ribbon at the opening of the Coal Miner's DaughterMuseum on her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. Standing beside her aresister Crystal Gayle, fellow legend George Jones, Tanya Tucker, NaomiJudd and others. Read More
Inside the rough and tumble honky-tonk, two-stepping couples crowdthe dance floor as Toby Keith and his band grind out solid countrymusic. An icy night wind swirling in from the Oklahoma prairie pushesunder the door, causing dust motes to do their own whirlingdance. Read More
Imagine: It's the late '70s. RonnieDunn is singing on the stage of a dark Texas honky-tonk. Achicken-wire curtain separates his band from the beer-bottle-chuckingpatrons. He's playing for "the door." He and the band leave thatnight with $11 each, which they pocket after hauling their own gearoff the stage and loading it into Ronnie's Mercury Capri. Read More
I don't wear a lot of ties, but Ilearned a long time ago not to wear one in here," declares Steve Holywith a laugh as he walks into the Trail Dust Steak House inArlington, Texas. Read More
No matter what happens in my life, Iwill always have a mountain soul," reveals Patty Loveless with a warmsigh. "The first music I ever heard was from the mountains ofKentucky, where I grew up, and that mountain music is still very muchwith me." Read More
Mary Chapin Carpenter is sitting ina London hotel room, trying to explain her absence. You see, it'sbeen five years since she has released a full album of new music. Onradio and in music stores, she's been a missing person. What took solong? Read More
Tim walked into a courthouse inOrchard Park, N.Y., on May 14 knowing he could spend a year inprison. Nine days later, he emerged from the same building still afree man. Read More
We've all had our opportunities tobe solo artists and do other things. But that's the great thing aboutthis band - we chose to do it as a group." Read More
Ira was sitting by the pool with allthose bikini-clad women throwing themselves at him," laughs HeidiNewfield, Trick Pony's lead singer, ribbing bass player Ira Dean."And by 11:30 that night, he was laid out on the couch going, 'Ican't go anymore ... leave me alone!' " Read More
Garth Brooks has helped me have someinteresting 'firsts' in my life," says songwriter and producer KentBlazy. And Garth's smash hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes" was mostlyresponsible. Read More
A year after Kentucky HeadHunters guitarist Richard Young suffered a heart attack, the band is celebrating with tattooed outcasts and fire-breathing go-go girls in- of all places - New York City. Read More
Nothing is as innocent as a child,"says Darryl Worley, wiping tears from his already reddened eyes. "Andwe were just children when we got together, really. Fifteen yearsold." Read More
Skillfully maneuvering around atree, he cuts a straight swath before parking the lawn tractor at thehead of a long line of other lawn tractors. He steps off the mower aseasily as he dismounts a horse - or as easily as he churns outhit songs, like his current single, "If You Can Do AnythingElse." Read More