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For a lot of people, Junior Brown isthe guy in the madcap videos, wearing an old-fashioned suit andplaying his patented Guit-Steel instrument. Now the mega-talentedperformer wonders if those popular clips have given people the wrongimpression... Read More
Buce Robison insists that he wasnot agitated, bitter or even slightly cross when he wrote "Angry AllThe Time." Instead, the Texas-based singer/songwriter admits that hismood was more reflective than enraged. Read More
Resident Bush was standing at aWhite House podium. He'd invited Mark Wills, his wife Kelly and3-year-old daughter Mally - plus some other folks - to an Easterbreakfast. Mally would make it a memorable morning for George W. Read More
There's a new sheriff in thisCalifornia town, and she's calling the shots. Heck, she's eventriggering Clint Black and his stunning actress wife, Lisa HartmanBlack, to plot an escape to a distant ranch. Read More
Tomorrow's another day, and I'mthirsty anyway, so bring on the rain. Jo Dee Messina's been throughtough times in her life - so it's fitting that she's singing thesewords in her latest single, "Bring On The Rain." It's also fittingthat the song's video is overflowing with water - lots of water. Read More
Shania Twain may have been out ofthe spotlight lately, but that hasn't stopped her from having anotherbig year! Read More
Aaron Tippin stands in front of ahuge American flag &endash; 30' X 60', to be exact. As the camerasroll and the flag waves, Aaron sings a new song, "Where The Stars AndStripes And The Eagle Fly." It's a tune that was actually written twoand a half years ago, and was slated to appear on his album PeopleLike Us. Read More
The 35th annual CMA Awards were about two T's - Tim and Tradition. Tim McGraw took the coveted Entertainer Of The Year award, and the traditionally minded O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack earned Album and Single Of The Year honors. Read More
Gary Allan's fans will no doubt love every tune on his new Alright Guy album, but he just may have to do a little fence mending with one very important fan - his mama, Mary - over the lyrics on a couple of the CD's songs. Read More
Carolyn Dawn Johnson scrunchesherself into a chair, lets out a sigh and casts a gaze toward theceiling. "Things are going so well," she says, "I'm in totaldisbelief." Read More
Most parents don't encourage theirkids to try to become singers. But when Shannon Brown's dad heard herpowerful voice, he told her to go for it. Read More
Trace Adkins has a new baby, a hitsong and new property for his country dream home ... now if he canjust sell some records! Read More
From his mom to his wife to his newbundle of joy, it's the women in Vince Gill's life who've inspiredhim to write classic songs, live happily ever after - and evenbreak out into teary public displays. Read More
Earl Scruggs settles into the livingroom couch in his house just south of Nashville. He points to anothercouch, across the room. Read More
t felt weird," reveals the modestsinger. "At first I was not into it because it's such a milestone.But then I thought, 'We really have amassed enough hits. It feelslike the right time to move between what we've done in the past andwhat the future holds.' " Read More
If you find that your shining moments of inspiration come in the shower, you're not alone. On the day they wrote Brooks & Dunn's smash hit, "Ain't Nothing 'Bout You," songwriters Tom Shapiro and Rivers Rutherford drew from that same inspiring, water-drenched place. Read More
Standing at the altar, Sammy Kershaw fights back tears. He fidgets with his jacket sleeve as he waits for his bride -to -be, Lorrie Morgan, to come down the aisle Read More
Of all the CMA categories this year,perhaps the Horizon nominees face the stiffest competition. Read More
Songs from the double-platinum soundtrack for the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? dominate this year's Vocal Event category with two nominations: "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby," performed by alt-country divas Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, and a soaring new version of the traditional hymn "I'll Fly Away," featuring Alison and Gillian. Read More