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Merle Haggard kicks back on thecouch inside his tour bus and takes a long sip of coffee. Then helooks up, beaming like a proud papa. Read More
Like so many pioneers before her,Reba McEntire is heading west. "Trying something different out in LosAngeles is going to be an exhilarating adventure," she says, addingwith a laugh: "Living in L.A. in the wintertime is not gonna be badeither!" Read More
Before you post a question for Blake, please read through the guidelines posted below. Read More
George and Alan as Captain Kirk andMr. Spock could just be the beginning of a new multimedia empire ifthese two country superstars ever decided to branch out intotelevision. This duo could easily spin off its popularity and gowhere no pair has gone before. Here a few suggestions: Read More
Sometimes there's nothing better than a heart-tugging ballad to jump-start a singer's ebbing career - and Jeff Carson found a tidal wave with his current hit, "Real Life." The song's formula begins simply enough: Boy meets dog, boy loses dog, boy meets girl - but then there's a twist that's creating a powerful impact with radio listeners across the country. Read More
Music to me is like breathing," sayskeith urban, waving a wisp of hair from his forehead and settlingcomfortably into a chair. And with smash hits barreling up the chartsand accolades flying from every corner, keith can breathe a littleeasier these days. Read More
Reba McEntire's new situationcomedy, Reba, premieres Sept. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the WB Network.McEntire plays a Texas mother of three whose white-picket-fencedworld is Read More
Not many people get to hearthemselves on the radio while driving down their own street, andpassing a sign that has their name on it saying 'welcome' to yourcounty!" declares Travis Tritt with a laugh. Read More
Once upon a time there were threebeautiful girls. They'd heard that kissing a frog could change itinto a prince. But they couldn't find any frogs, so they hopped intothe ocean and kissed ... stingrays! Read More
When they're not singing, stars find ways to relax Read More
It's a warm, clear day in Nashville,and Collin Raye is preparing to go out and greet it. For the moment,he's sitting on his tour bus, which is parked at the Nashvillebaseball field where he's shooting part of his new video, "Ain'tNobody Gonna Take That From Me." The song is about holding tightly tothe valuable people and accomplishments in life, despite the troublesthat come your way. It's a subject Collin has learned a lot aboutlately. Read More
I's not enough that Mel Tillis sings,dances and writes award-winning songs. Now he's developing yetanother talent - painting! Read More
It's not your typical bachelor pad.There are no dirty dishes in the sink, no dust bunnies lurking in thecorner. And there are no signs of dirty underwear anywhere. No, it'snot your typical single guy's abode - because Kenny Chesney isanything but typical.

Read More
When the man she had hoped to marrysettled down with another woman instead, Leslie Satcher knew what shehad to do. "I thought, 'Well then, I might as well go and try to be acountry-and-western singer," she recalls. Read More
When Faith Hill first heard "WildOne" - a free-spirited tribute to a rebellious teen - she practically did a double-take. "My initial thought was, 'That'sme!' I probably could have written that," explains Faith. "It soundedlike my life story." Read More
When “Mrs. Steven Rudy” created a tidal wave on the country charts, Mark McGuinn became captain of hisown musical ship - but he had trouble at the helm of a row boat in the video for his new single, “That’s A Plan.” Read More
Tracy Byrd's back was against the wall. He felt like his careerwas on the ropes. So he shook off the fear knotted in his stomach,reached deep down inside himself for a healthy dose of fortitude -and came out swinging! Read More
After three successful albums, numerous awards and a string ofhits since her 1995 debut, Terri Clark decided to take control of herlatest album, Fearless. That was nearly a year ago, but the CD hasyet to generate the big hits she had hoped for. Read More
A little tune got stuck inside Mark McGuinn's head, and itwas driving him nuts. "I'd been carrying this maddening tune aroundfor so long, and I was watching a movie called Friday starring IceCube," remembers Mark. "These guys were all sitting out on the porch,watching their neighbor mow the lawn. They're all going, 'Wow! Lookat Mrs. such 'n' such! She's so fine!' They were so enamored withthis neighbor who was really hot. It was hilarious. Read More
Not long before Jo Dee Messina was scheduled to perform at thissummer's Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation National Race ForThe Cure in Washington, D.C., she received bad news. A family friendof 26 years was dying of cancer. Soon after Jo Dee got the news, hedied. Read More