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Loretta Lynn followed thetime-honored motto of the songwriter - "write what you know" - and turned it into her signature song, "Coal Miner'sDaughter." Drawing from her own background, Loretta painted anautobiographical picture of her poverty-stricken childhood in thetough coal fields of Kentucky. Read More
Darryl Worley is standing on afreshly built stage just a few feet from the edge of Pickwick Lake - 14 miles from his hometown of Savannah, Tenn. - whenhe spies a friend. Read More
He's been in the company ofpresidents, star athletes, Hollywood royalty and legendary musiciansof every genre. So when Charlie Daniels needed to fill up his newmuseum in downtown Nashville, he wasn't lacking in memorabilia andawards. "We just cleaned my mantelpiece off," jokes Charlie, walkingby one display case after another. Read More
Everyone enjoys tearing intothose brightly wrapped presents on Christmas morning to find outwhat's inside. But some gifts are unforgettable - and can evenhave a lifelong impact. Read More
Joe Stampley is a different kind of "hat act." He doesn't sport atopper onstage, but offstage he sports a variety of figurativeheadwear. "Why should I be pinned down to just one thing?" asks Joewith a grin. Read More
As Phil Vassar marches up the charts, he changes his plans to walk down the aisle... Read More
Jamie O'Neal is right at home ona balmy, tropical island - but an icy glacier really warms herheart. Read More
An eerie childhood memory thatwouldn't go away ... an old car that may have been haunted ... 30years of Vietnam War memories. These dramatic scenarios inspiredsongwriters Thom Shepherd and Wood Newton to write "Riding WithPrivate Malone," a touching story that seemingly came from nowhere tocrack the Top 10 and capture America's heart. Read More
Emerson Drive may be young - all six band members are between 23 and 28 - butthey're already old pros. Read More
Country's Top 10 Christmas CD's for 2001 Read More
Putting personal pain behind him, Garth Brooks serves up hisbiggest, brightest Christmas ever. But he says this is absolutely hislast dance. Read More
Though he jokes that Tulsa,Okla., is "where I keep my clean clothes," the road is still homefor Roy Clark. Read More
Part one happened so fast. No sooner did Brad Paisley realize his dream of getting a record deal than he saw his debut album, Who Needs Pictures, churn out four hit singles and make a rising star of the West Virginia native. Read More
In 1994, David Ball stepped up to the plate in Nashville withthree strikes already against him: He was over 40, unheralded andtraditional to the core. But the talented singer/songwriter defiedthe odds and took country by surprise. His first hit, "Thinkin'Problem," soared to No. 2, and his album of the same name sold amillion copies. Read More
George Jones reclines in a plushwhite leather chair. It's a sunny day at his estate south ofNashville. But George and wife Nancy aren't relaxing in their home- they're on George's new 45-foot tour bus parked next totheir stables and barn. Read More
Tim McGraw steps down from his busand sees the dew on the grass glistening in the first rays ofLouisiana sunlight. There's a chill in the crisp October air as heprepares to repeat an annual ritual that began with his firstSwampstock Celebrity Softball Challenge and Concert eight yearsago. Read More
Songwriter Gary Baker thinks back toa summer day in 1999, when co-writing a smash single nearly lost outto whacking a golf ball. Read More
Cyndi Thomson fights back tears.She's gazing out at a sea of her friends, music industry associatesand media who've joined her at a party celebrating the chart-toppingsuccess of her debut single, "What I Really Meant To Say." Read More
It's almost eerily appropriatethat "I Will Survive" is Wild Horses' first hit. "It's our band'slife story!" declares lead singer Angela Rae. "It's really strangehow it all tied together." Read More
I used to think that 15,000 was thebiggest audience in the world," Barbara Mandrell once said. But onNov. 18, 1980, she discovered what "big" really meant. That night,Barbara premiered her weekly NBC prime-time series, Barbara Mandrell& The Mandrell Sisters, to a TV audience that numbered in themillions. Read More