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Kevin Denney had given up on hisdreams of being a singer - but then he saw George Strait. After playing in a bluegrass group for several years,17-year-old Kevin was beginning to think he ought to consider aprofession more stable than music. Then he and his girlfriendtraveled more than 100 miles from his hometown of Monticello, Ky., toLexington to see George's show. Read More
I remember being in third grade andmy teacher askin' everyone in the class 'What do you want to be whenyou grow up?'" recalls Jeff Carson with a smile. "I said, 'I want tobe a policeman!' Even though I didn't know any policemen, I just hada respect for them." Read More
Toby Keith's got a little extra swagger in his step nowadays.Cocky? Sure. Vindicated? You bet! Satisfied? Oh, yeah. After all, itmay have taken 15 years, but the world has finally caught up to him - just the way he planned. Read More
Dan Tyler was doing his best to be a dutiful dad, and out poppedthe song of his career - LeAnn Rimes' 1997 hit, "The Light In YourEyes." Dan wrote the tune in 1989 to cheer up his 10-year-old son,William, shortly after the family had moved from Nashville to Dan'shome state of Mississippi. Read More
The Dixie Chicks don't have to makea new album or go on tour to make news Read More
Merle Kilgore had hits as a singer in the 1960s, but he's alwaysbeen a lot more comfortable behind the scenes, writing classics like"Ring Of Fire" and managing Hank Williams Jr. Read More
Blake Shelton's first hit, "Austin,"was a stunning chart-topper, his self-titled debut album was a Top 5smash - and the writing of his new hit, "All Over Me," led toone of his childhood fantasies being realized. That's because Blake'swriting partners on the song were friend Mike Pyle and none otherthan Blake's idol, '80s superstar Earl Thomas Conley. Read More
Terri Clark's bus chugs towardBaltimore, the final leg of her exhaustive 2001 tour through hernative Canada and cities across America. It's been a busy year, fullof accolades and accomplishments - but she's not dwelling on thepast. Her thoughts are clearly looking to 2002 as the pivotal pointof her career. Read More
Daisy Dern's "Gettin' Back To You"was a hit that nearly didn't happen. When we went into the studio, Iwas having allergy problems," Daisy Dern recalls. "So I said, 'Whydon't we just forget this song? I'm having trouble singing it.' Andmy husband said, 'You never know, this might be your first hit!' Thattaught me a little lesson." Read More
Stars tied the knot in 2001 inceremonies ranging from sumptuous to simple. In the most lavish,Sammy Kershaw and Lorrie Morgan united Sept. 29 before 250 familymembers and friends at a Nashville Catholic church, followed by abountiful reception at Sammy's farm. Lorrie was the picture ofelegance in an off-white, Italian-made dress, while Sammy washandsome in a white tux and boots. "Everything was so beautiful,"gushed Lorrie after the ceremony. "It was the wedding I've alwayswanted." Read More
The stork was one busy, busy bird in 2001. Brand-new bundles weredelivered to country music star couples Faith Hill and Tim McGraw,Vince Gill and Amy Grant, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black, andShania Twain and producer-hubby Robert John "Mutt" Lange. Read More
A fresh crop of international stars proves country's wide-ranging appeal Read More
Alan Jackson's latest single isshaping up to be his biggest hit ever. He debuted "Where Were You(When The World Stopped Turning)," a poignant ballad about the eventsof Sept. 11, on the CMA Awards telecast to an intensely emotionalresponse from the live audience, practically stopping the show. Read More
Fan favorites fill the seats in the year's top-ticket concerts Read More
Country Weekly would like to wish you, your family and friends a happy holiday. Read More
With the New Year upon us, thoughts turn to making - andkeeping - resolutions. The stars let us in on what they're vowing todo in 2002 to make it the best year ever. Read More
See How Country Measured Up in '01 Read More
In a year packed with big stars, big news and big moments, nobodyhad a bigger 2001 than country's biggest couple, Tim McGraw and FaithHill. Read More
Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Sara Evans are amongthe country nominees for the 29th American Music Awards, which willbe presented during a three-hour ABC telecast Jan. 9. The AMAs honorthe year's most popular performers in the categories of pop/rock,country, soul/rhythm & blues, adult contemporary, Latin music,contemporary inspirational, rap/hip-hop, alternative and favoritesoundtrack. Read More
Look at it - it's going nuts!"exclaims Joe Diffie as he inspects the large container of fermentingwine on his basement floor. There's a purple liquid oozing from thestopper, and it looks ready to blow - all over Joe's white walls. Read More