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Paul Overstreet knows how to writechart-topping songs. He's piled up 27 Top 10 singles for starsincluding George Jones ("Same Ole Me"), Randy Travis ("Forever AndEver, Amen") and Kenny Chesney ("She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy"). Buttoday, Paul has bigger fish to fry. Read More
I'm Movin' On" isn't just the nameof Rascal Flatts' latest hit - it could be their motto. "If you'repassionate about something you believe in, you gotta move on, moveforward and try to go get it," says Joe Don Rooney. "Or one day, Iguarantee you're gonna be kicking yourself in the butt for not atleast attempting." Read More
Elvis Presley's leg was shaking -but not for the usual reason. On the night of Oct. 2, 1954, Elvis wasas nervous as he'd ever been. After all, he was playing the Grand OleOpry. Read More
Trick Pony could have played it safewith their third single. They could have followed their two rockin'hits with a sugar-sweet ballad, like some folks thought they should.They could have followed their tried-and-true formula of HeidiNewfield singing lead, like some folks thought they should. Read More
Bobby Braddock needed that one hugesmash to get on the "A" list of Music Row songwriters. So he decidedto spell one out. Read More
Gene Watson has survived enough fadsto know not to follow them. "Oh, man, I've come through everything -the pop-country thing, the rhinestone cowboys, the Outlaw movement,"declares Gene, who first hit the charts in 1975 and has enjoyed 21Top 10s. Read More
Feisty and uncompromising, LorettaLynn wrote some of the hardest-hitting real-life songs in countryhistory, including "Don't Come Home A' Drinkin' (With Lovin' On YourMind)" and "Fist City." Read More
Inside the Thomas And Mack Arena in Las Vegas, the best cowboys inthe world are competing in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, theSuper Bowl of rodeo events. They're ropin', ridin' and hangin' on tosnortin' bulls. Read More
Long before she was a country star,Carolyn Dawn Johnson was a Reba McEntire fan. "I remember her albumRumor Has It," recalls Carolyn Dawn. "I cried many tears for thatalbum! Me and my girlfriend listened to that all the time." Read More
Tommy Shane Steiner's father was arodeo star, and so was his mother. The Steiner family's hallowedrodeo heritage goes back to his great-grandfather, and also includesTommy's younger brother, Sid. Read More
Let's hope Vince Gill is getting alittle rest right about now. That's because he has recently plungedinto a flurry of activity that would exhaust lesser men - mostof it to help a bushel of good causes. Even with his hands full beingdad to 10-month-old daughter Corrina, Vince has worked overtimeplaying at benefit shows for everyone from the victims of Sept. 11 toa Nashville fund to help children with life-threatening illnesses.Even his fun activities have helped people out - he had a ballhosting the T.J. Martell Golf Tournament in Nashville to furtherleukemia, cancer and AIDS research. Read More
During a seemingly routine autographsession, Dolly Parton found the inspiration for a future hit.Following a concert date with Porter Wagoner, Dolly stood at the edge of thestage and waited to greet fans. Immediately, she was struck by thesight of a young girl with long auburn hair who asked Dolly for anautograph. Read More
Audrey Caroline McGraw's big sisterscouldn't wait to meet her - and now they can't wait to play with her."They already want to dress her up!" says proud papa to all threegirls, Tim McGraw. "That's the only thing they can't figure out: whythey can't dress her up yet." He beams at the very thought of hislittle ones. "But they love her. They're incredible." Read More
The members of Lonestar discovered that Brad Paisley has talentsbeyond singing and guitar playing - namely, playing practicaljokes. Read More
I picked up the paper several months ago, and it said there were 18 people running for governor in Arizona in 2002," says Rex Allen Jr. "And I thought, 'Well, heck, I ought to throw my name in the pot.' So I did!" Read More
yndi Thomson came face-to-face withone of those signature moments in life &endash; running into an oldsweetheart who's now with someone new. Their eyes locked, frivolouschatter filled the awkward gaps in conversation, and then both wenttheir separate ways. If only, Cyndi thought, she could have said whatshe really wanted to say. Read More
Ask Gail Davies about Webb Pierce,and she can barrage you with statistics. "In 1955, he had three No. 1hits that dominated the charts for 46 weeks, almost a year," shedeclares. "He is estimated to have sold 65 million records. And hehad 96 charted records - 54 of them in the Top 10, and 13 No.1s. He was a megastar!" Read More
In 1991, Martina was just anotherhopeful singer with a demo tape - a non-professional recordingof her singing. One day, she and husband John went to the RCANashville label's office to drop off a copy of the three-songcassette, but were shown a sign in the lobby that posted thecompany's official policy toward music "from the street." It read nounsolicited material accepted. Read More
In a small, isolated 92-year-oldbuilding along lonely Highway 15 in southern Alabama, Hank WilliamsJr. is raising a joyful ruckus. He and his band are tearing through"X-Treme Country," a song he just finished writing this morning onthe tour bus parked outside. Read More
Everyone's had experiences they'drather forget - times when things went wrong and they wound upred-faced. We asked the stars to tell us about some of their mostmortifying moments, and they were brave enough to 'fess up! Read More