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Elizabeth flew in to town to see melast May during the ACMs," recalls Chris Cagle of the Texas beautywho became his bride in September. "And when she walked in the roomat this ACM event, Cyndi Thomson was next to me and said, 'You'relucky.' Read More
LeAnn Rimes and dancer Dean Sheremettook their whirlwind romance to the altar when they married Feb. 23at Perkins Chapel in Dallas. The beaming couple said their "I dos"before 150 guests, which included LeAnn's mom, Belinda. Read More
Growing up on a farm in Canada,Carolyn Dawn Johnson knows the meaning of fresh. "Our milk wasstraight from the cow," she says. "We even made our own cottagecheese!" Read More
arth Brooks confesses that thereare only two people who could lure him out of retirement. One isChris Gaines -- the fictional singer at the center of Garth'slong-planned movie, The Lamb, which he still hopes to get off the ground. Read More
Blly Ray is the first countrysinger to play a doctor on television, but certainly not the last. Ifothers starred in their own medical shows, would they be somethinglike these? Read More
Ask Hank Locklin how he's feelingthese days, and he answers with a hearty weather report: "Somewherebetween a cyclone and a gentle breeze." But whatever way the windblows, the spry 83-year-old is still kicking up plenty of dust. Read More
A decade ago Martina McBride madeher chart debut with "The Time Has Come." Such a milestone is causefor celebration and reflection, so we asked the superstar -- who went on to rack up multiplatinum albums, numerous awards and acollection of hits, including "Blessed," her most recent Top 10-- to share with us the 10 greatest moments of her life.< Read More
Blly Ray Cyrus is shivering in thecold of Toronto, Canada, on the set of his hit TV series, Doc. He'sporing over pages of dialogue for his character, Dr. Clint Cassidy,while sporting a white lab coat and nervously twiddling a pen in hisright hand. Read More
Aaron Tippin watched in horror asthe terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, unfolded on his televisionscreen. The images of black smoke rising from New York's World TradeCenter and the devastating piles of rubble left Aaron wracked withemotion. Read More
Stories ripped from the headlines!"blare the TV promos for NBC's juggernaut crime series Law &Order. Now SHeDAISY's just-released, in-your-face single, "Get OverYourself," could boast that it's also based on a true story "rippedfrom real life!" Read More
All Andy Griggs wanted to do wasimpress his wife. So he walked into their bedroom, sat down on thebed and serenaded Stephanie with his new single, "Tonight I Wanna BeYour Man." And impress he did!< Read More
My grandpa had a great old barn,"recalls Chris LeDoux with a smile. "Big old oak beams. All hand-hewn.You could see where they used the broadaxe on it. It was great." Hepauses for a moment. "I love barns." Read More
Brad Martin didn't have to look farfor a hero Read More
Even though she now plays mega-clubsand monstrous stadiums, looking back, Jo Dee is happy, evencomfortable, with the twists in the road she's braved. Read More
Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, MartinaMcBride and Sara Evans have made a few special new friends for awonderful cause. Those stars, and a host of others, can be seenalongside children and adults affected by Down syndrome on the secondannual "Down Home Country" calendar. Read More
Before Paul Brandt moved from hisnative Canada to Nashville in the mid-'90s and cranked out a stringof hits - "My Heart Has A History," "I Meant To Do That," "I Do" - hewas a lot like other small- town kids with big dreams. Read More
Last December Diamond Rio drummerBrian Prout wanted his proposal to singer/songwriter StephanieBentley to be memorable. So he enlisted the help of an unlikelypartner - Santa Claus! Read More
One day a few months ago, KellieCoffey and a couple of song-writing friends got together. "It was oneof those great days for writing a song," she recalls. Read More
Excitement filled the air in MusicCity as the Grand Ole Opry celebrated two special occasions on thisday. First, it marked the gala opening night at the Opry's new home - the Grand Ole Opry House at Opryland - after morethan 30 years at the historic Ryman Auditorium Read More
Jessica Andrews' latest song iscalled "Karma" - that's the notion that life rewards or punishes youbased on the things you do. So, since Jessica has a hit about karma,does she believe in it? Read More