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With an album nearing doubleplatinum, a toddler son approaching three years and homes in bothTennessee and Oregon, Sara Evans is both a country star and a busymom. Now she's adding another role to her expandingrésumé -- that of an aspiring politician's wife. Read More
Phil Vassar is standing on theterrace of the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Fla., looking out over thewhite, sandy beach as the sun is about to set over the Gulf ofMexico. A soft ocean breeze blows gently through the fronds of thepotted palms. Read More
So what’s it like when the fourmembers of Little Big Town write a song together? “It’s like a bigparty!” says Jimi Westbrook. Read More
Don Von Tress would agree thatthere's nothing funny about a broken heart. But back in 1990, thestruggling songwriter decided to approach romance-gone-wrong from ahumorous perspective. Read More
In 1967, Edna Perry already had twolittle boys in grade school. She loved them very much. Read More
Our first stop was Budapest,Hungary. Two days. Each morning we left our hotel and flew intoBosnia, still considered a hot spot. The troops carried weapons atall times. We'd visit the camps during the day, talk to the soldiers,tour the hospital and do our show in the evening. Each night we'd flyback to Budapest. Read More
Three years ago, things were lookingup for George Jones. "The Possum" had just finished cutting his firstalbum for Asylum Records, and a song called "Choices," written byBilly Yates and Mike Curtis, was picked to be the first single. Read More
At one point in his life, T. GrahamBrown wasn't content to just sing the blues -- he thought hehad to live them, too. Read More
Nothing about the romance betweenBryan White and actress Erika Page has been easy. They practicallyhad to be pushed together to begin with, and have carried on acourtship -- and now marriage -- separated by hundreds,even thousands of miles. Yet after five years of constant travel,high phone bills and way too many lonely nights, this pair'slong-distance relationship has left them more in love than ever. "Iwould definitely highly recommend it," declares Erika on a sunnyafternoon at the couple's apartment in Los Angeles' San FernandoValley. "Under the right circumstances." Read More
Kenny Chesney's mom has a slight problem with her son's role asone of country's leading sex symbols. When Karen Chandler saw anaudience full of screaming females on Kenny's new tour, her maternalinstincts kicked in. Read More
This is my final home," declaresPatty Loveless. "I've told everybody I'm gonna live here, die here... and come back and haunt the place!" Read More
In the early '90s, McBride & TheRide was burning up the blacktop. The band scored four Top 10 hits,released three critically acclaimed albums and played to packedhouses coast to coast. Read More
Do not mess with Willie Nelson --he's a black belt. "A couple of years ago, my wife and boys went tothe tae kwon do school, and I decided I was not about to let them getahead of me," he chuckles. "So I went down and started doing it. Iactually caught up with them and passed them -- they're black beltcandidates, but I got mine before they did." Read More
Brooks & Dunn's 1991 debutalbum, Brand New Man, did more than just establish Kix Brooks andRonnie Dunn as instant superstars. It also set a hefty high-watermark for future country duos. Read More
Even before the tragedies of Sept.11 turned the country's focus to our military troops overseas, VinceGill and his wife, Amy Grant, were keenly aware of the freedoms weenjoy as Americans -- and were eager to show their supportthrough the gift of music. Read More
Sometimes -- especially in thisbusiness -- if you make a little money, you can have too much fun,"explains Harley Allen, co-writer of Alan Jackson's 1997 smash"Between The Devil And Me." "And, if you're not careful, it can getout of hand -- especially if money tends to make you lean that wayanyway. But if you've got a good woman, she'll help keep you inline." Read More
Chely Wright relaxes on a livingroom chair and sips on the one cup of coffee she allows herself eachday. She's grateful for this moment of downtime from her whirlwindlife, where every micro-second seems accounted for. Still, shewouldn't have it any other way. Read More
The may not be a star yet, butJoAnna Janét knows what it's like to walk in a star's shoes-- or at least to drive one of their cars! Read More
Steve Holy was understandablyecstatic when his "Good Morning Beautiful" captured the No. 1 spotfor five incredible weeks and sent his career soaring into thestratosphere. Read More
What is it about NASCAR and country that go together like butter on a hot biscuit? Veteran racer Kyle Petty -- and one-time country singer -- shares his thoughts on this special relationship. Read More