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SHeDAISY sisters and Brad Paisley survive chilling plane mishap --an exclusive first-person account Read More
Justin" singer Blake Shelton neverexpected to find himself plotting his escape from prison. But here heis, decked out in convict garb as he shoots the video for his newsingle, "Ol' Red." Read More
As grizzled rockers ZZ Top once proclaimed in song, Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man! Many of today's country stars are also crazy about the three-man rock band from Texas, whose brand of hard-driving barroom blues influenced their sound. Read More
In the radio these days, everythingnew is new again. After several years during which country producedvery few new stars, the charts are suddenly filled with risingtalents making a big splash with debut hits. In fact, newcomersaccount for about a quarter of country radio's current hits. Read More
Oh, yeah," said George Strait,grinning and lighting a cigar. "I'm a big winner." Read More
George Strait tugs his blackResistol a little tighter on his head. In just seconds, he'll bejostling in the saddle as his horse, Joker, bolts pell-mell into therodeo arena chasing a steer. Read More
Pat Green is a glass-half-full kindof guy. "I don't have a dark, deep side," confesses Pat. "I'm anoptimist -- and I have no room in my life for negativity." Read More
I'm holding my own, sang Lee RoyParnell in one of his biggest hits. For him, those words still ringtrue. He fired off a string of smashes in the mid-'90s, including "OnThe Road," "Love Without Mercy" and "Heart's Desire" -- aremarkable achievement, especially given the way the Nashvilleestablishment often frowns on the adventurous kind of musical spiritthat has always steered Lee Roy's music. Read More
Stting in a styling chair at aNashville photography studio, Mark Chesnutt nervously taps his righthand on his knee. As the stylist clips at Mark's hair, Mark isalready half-closing his eyes, dreading what's coming next -- theshot of hair spray. Read More
It should be no surprise that GabbieNolen is enjoying her first hit, "Almost There," before she turns 20-- after all, she first sang professionally at 12, graduated fromhigh school at 15 and moved out on her own at 17. Read More
Before Shania Twain skyrocketed to stardom, she was a poor, struggling, big-hair resort act whose idea of a real treat was hot tea with lemon. Read More
In this exclusive interview, Barbara Brooks and Janine Dunn reveal what their husbands are really like away from music's glitz and glamour. Read More
Few debuts in country history havebeen as splashy and spectacular as Clint Black's. The black-hattedTexan with the boyish charm made instant history when his firstsingle, "A Better Man," jumped to No. 1 in 1989. That made Clint thefirst male country singer since Freddy Fender in 1975 to hit the topwith a debut song. Read More
When Chris Cagle recently jetted toCozumel, Mexico, he was a man with a mission: He wanted to get hisopen-water scuba certification from the Professional Association ofDiving Instructors (PADI). Read More
Dolly Parton likes to eat realdown-home country food," says Mary Cornell with a smile. Read More
Two of country music's rising stars-- Bill Anderson and Roger Miller -- had an idea for a song that wasliterally out of this world.< Read More
I've become good friends with MissNancy and George," says Daryle Singletary of his relationship withthe legendary George Jones and his wife. "So I just called Miss Nancy-- I didn't want to bother George about it -- and I said, 'We'redoing "Walk Through This World With Me." Would George be interestedin singin' some harmony on it with me?' And she said, 'I'm sure he'dlove to. Let me let you talk to the Possum.' Read More
The road to country stardom is never easy. But imagine travelingthat already difficult road, as Billy Hoffman did, with more than afew physical challenges in tow. Read More
John Michael Montgomery is settlingin behind the wheel of a vintage black Corvette convertible at theNational Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. He's grinning like akid in a candy store. Read More
George Dewey Hay is oftendubbed the "Father of the Grand Ole Opry," even though he neithersang nor played a musical instrument. He had already made history, onNov. 28, 1925, when he announced the first broadcast of the WSMBarndance over WSM radio in Nashville. In 1927, Hay, by then known tohis listeners as "the solemn old judge," wound up creating a nationalsensation. Read More