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The three members of Rascal Flattshave shared plenty in the past two years -- awards, standingovations, a million-selling album and a string of hits, includingtheir latest, "I'm Movin' On." Read More
When Brett James came to Nashville from Oklahoma 10 years ago, things fell right into place for him -- and then they fell apart. Read More
Culd it be? One of country's most eagerly rumored, feverishly discussed and hotly debated couples is a reality: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have stepped out together.

The best example came at a recent Hollywood party, when a TV reporter spied Garth and Trisha holding hands and asked them what was up. Read More

Collin Raye takes a sip of his firststeaming cup of coffee on this hot, bright Nashville morning. He's upa little early today -- but that's something he's been getting used to. While his daughter, Britanny, was away on herhoneymoon, Collin took care of her 2-year-old daughter, Haley. Read More
Cajun king Jo-El Sonnier captures musical history in new CD Read More
Bue skies are back for the DixieChicks. Following a year's worth of tugging and clawing with theirrecord label, the mega-selling trio -- Natalie Maines, Emily Robisonand Martie Maguire -- is again doing what it does best: makingmusic. Read More
For SHeDAISY, the last three yearshave been the best of times and the worst of times. Since sistersKristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn burst onto the scene in 1999,they've scored three Top 10 hits, and they've sold nearly two millioncopies of their album THE WHOLE SHeBANG. Read More
Five years ago, while driving on a Nashville interstate,songwriter Zach Lyle wracked his brain for a fresh idea. He lookedskyward for inspiration -- and literally saw the writing on thewall! Read More
After a short break from radio, TyHerndon was ready to return. His comeback song, "Heather's Wall," hadbecome a hit video and the Alabama native was eager to give his fansa new batch of songs. Then Ty hit his own wall -- and found himselffacing an unexpected identity crisis. Read More
The mid-'90s were a boot-stomping,chart-topping time for Little Texas. The popular group cranked outseveral hits -- "God Blessed Texas," "Kick A Little" and "My Love" --and were on the road almost nonstop, performing one rocking showafter another. As good as it was, it proved to be too much forkeyboardist and fan heartthrob Brady Seals, who left the band in1995. Read More
Lonestar stands tall aboard the deckof the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier, pumping out their poignanthit "I'm Already There." The song's achingly touching theme -- beingaway from family -- resonates especially well this night, becauseLonestar is playing for an audience that can truly relate: Americanservicemen and women stationed on the massive ship, docked off theFlorida coast. Read More
SHeDAISY sisters and Brad Paisley survive chilling plane mishap --an exclusive first-person account Read More
Justin" singer Blake Shelton neverexpected to find himself plotting his escape from prison. But here heis, decked out in convict garb as he shoots the video for his newsingle, "Ol' Red." Read More
As grizzled rockers ZZ Top once proclaimed in song, Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man! Many of today's country stars are also crazy about the three-man rock band from Texas, whose brand of hard-driving barroom blues influenced their sound. Read More
In the radio these days, everythingnew is new again. After several years during which country producedvery few new stars, the charts are suddenly filled with risingtalents making a big splash with debut hits. In fact, newcomersaccount for about a quarter of country radio's current hits. Read More
Oh, yeah," said George Strait,grinning and lighting a cigar. "I'm a big winner." Read More
George Strait tugs his blackResistol a little tighter on his head. In just seconds, he'll bejostling in the saddle as his horse, Joker, bolts pell-mell into therodeo arena chasing a steer. Read More
Pat Green is a glass-half-full kindof guy. "I don't have a dark, deep side," confesses Pat. "I'm anoptimist -- and I have no room in my life for negativity." Read More
I'm holding my own, sang Lee RoyParnell in one of his biggest hits. For him, those words still ringtrue. He fired off a string of smashes in the mid-'90s, including "OnThe Road," "Love Without Mercy" and "Heart's Desire" -- aremarkable achievement, especially given the way the Nashvilleestablishment often frowns on the adventurous kind of musical spiritthat has always steered Lee Roy's music. Read More
Stting in a styling chair at aNashville photography studio, Mark Chesnutt nervously taps his righthand on his knee. As the stylist clips at Mark's hair, Mark isalready half-closing his eyes, dreading what's coming next -- theshot of hair spray. Read More