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When Chely Wright was a newspaper delivery girl in her hometown of Wellsville, Kan., she knew every street like the back of her hand. "I also knew every crack in the sidewalks," she jokes. Read More
here do your favorite country stars eat, shop and hang in Nashville? "Spotted" lets you know what the stars are doing - and where they're doing it when they're offstage. Read More
His first hit, "Hard Call To Make," is about tough decisions. But for J. Michael Harter, the hardest call to make was whether to come to Nashville at all.

That's because making the move from his native Arizona meant leaving home - and his longtime girlfriend - behind. "That was a hard thing to do, because I'd been with her for close to three years," he says. "I was torn between chasing my dream and staying in Arizona." Read More
Damond Rio drummer Brian Prout doesn't even try to wipe the grin off his face as he talks about the incredible year he's having. First, he married sweetheart and fellow performer Stephanie Bentley. And now, they're expecting their first child - a daughter - Oct. 10. Life is sweet. Read More
Who is Wynonna Judd, really? When is her new album coming out? Where has she been and what has she been doing? Read More
Johnny Bush's career as a solo artist was taking off in the early '70s when he came to a disc jockey convention in Nashville to sign a deal with RCA records. That's where the Texas native met RCA executive Jerry Bradley, who planted the seed for "Whiskey River," a song that would blossom into one of the best-loved - and most-recorded - in all of country music. Read More
Gs Garth Brooks released his second album, No Fences, on Sept. 29, 1990, he faced the inevitable question: Would he fall victim to the sophomore jinx? After all, Garth's self-titled debut album had sold nearly one million copies and yielded two No. 1 hits, "The Dance" and "If Tomorrow Never Comes." Read More
Iwas on a plane recently, and this sweet 19-year-old girl was telling me her life story," recalls Carolyn Dawn Johnson. "She was going back home, and she was worried about leaving because she didn't trust her fiance. Read More
A few months ago, patrons at a North Dakota casino scored a real jackpot: Jeannie C. Riley's first performance in seven years. Read More
It's been name-checked in hits like Collin Raye's "Little Rock" and Lee Ann Womack's "A Little Past Little Rock." What makes folks want to sing about this friendly town where the Southeast meets the Southwest? Here are the facts about Arkansas' capital and largest city, Little Rock: Read More
Does Tim McGraw have a normal life? Let him tell you. "Well, I got up this morning at 5:30 with the baby, made coffee - and then I dropped the jelly jar getting it out of the refrigerator. I had to clean it up from all over the kitchen floor. And I had to do it before the coffee was ready, so that was pretty normal." Read More
Most young singers dream of appearing on the Grand Ole Opry. Well, Elizabeth Cook has already done it 100 times! Read More
Tenage Lee Ann Womack walks slowly down the hall of her high school in Texas. She has headphones over her ears, and she's listening intently to Vern Gosdin's heartbreaking "Chiseled In Stone" on a Walkman. As she listens to its mournful tale of a man who's lost his wife, it's all she can do not to break down in front of her fellow students. Read More
Bobbie Gentry has been hearing the same question for 35 years: "What did Billie Joe throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge?" The mystery stems from Bobbie's 1967 smash, "Ode To Billie Joe," which told the spellbinding tale of Billie Joe McAllister and the unidentified "something" - many thought it might have been an engagement ring, or even the aborted fetus of his teenage girlfriend's hidden pregnancy - he cast off the bridge before taking his own life. Read More
Royal Wade Kimes is a man on a mission - to put the Western back into country music. He's making good on that claim with his new CD, A Dyin' Breed, packed with cowboy songs and tunes that time-travel back to the Old West. Read More
Everywhere bluegrass star Rhonda Vincent travels, she's reminded of food. That's because she cruises from town to town in the Martha White Bluegrass Express - a vibrant red-white-and-blue tour bus sponsored by the famous self-rising flour company. Read More
We all know stars have the most fabulous clothes. But what do they really like to wear, away from the bright lights and cameras? We raided the stars' closets to discover the threads that give them a warm, fuzzy feeling. Read More
Sometimes it takes just one word to spark songwriters into action. And the magic word for Brett James was "blessed." Read More
Are you ready for some football? Read More
Ernest Tubb corralled his first No. 1 song, "Soldier's Last Letter," from an actual World War II soldier, budding songwriter Redd Stewart. Redd was a sergeant in the Army when he penned the touching song, detailing a soldier's letter to his mother from the battlefield. When his mother saw that the letter had not been signed, as the song goes, "she knew that her darling had died." Read More