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Most young singers dream of appearing on the Grand Ole Opry. Well, Elizabeth Cook has already done it 100 times! Read More
Tenage Lee Ann Womack walks slowly down the hall of her high school in Texas. She has headphones over her ears, and she's listening intently to Vern Gosdin's heartbreaking "Chiseled In Stone" on a Walkman. As she listens to its mournful tale of a man who's lost his wife, it's all she can do not to break down in front of her fellow students. Read More
Bobbie Gentry has been hearing the same question for 35 years: "What did Billie Joe throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge?" The mystery stems from Bobbie's 1967 smash, "Ode To Billie Joe," which told the spellbinding tale of Billie Joe McAllister and the unidentified "something" - many thought it might have been an engagement ring, or even the aborted fetus of his teenage girlfriend's hidden pregnancy - he cast off the bridge before taking his own life. Read More
The members of five-man Nashville band Sixwire still remember the magical moment when they knew everything would work out. It happened three years ago, when guitarist/producer/songwriter Steve Mandile made an important personnel decision. Read More
Jamie O'Neal knew she was living on the edge - she'd been playing practical jokes on tourmate Toby Keith, and Toby had promised to get even. Read More
Imagine a newsstand jammed with newspapers, all screaming out true-to-life Dixie Chicks headlines - natalie's lil' slade goes varoom! ... emily paints nursery blue, worries about belly/dobro connection ... martie gets irish re-hitch, puts off baby ... dixie chicks stay in sony nest for barnful of bucks ... unruffled chicks return - and rock the coop! Read More
Ernest Tubb corralled his first No. 1 song, "Soldier's Last Letter," from an actual World War II soldier, budding songwriter Redd Stewart. Redd was a sergeant in the Army when he penned the touching song, detailing a soldier's letter to his mother from the battlefield. When his mother saw that the letter had not been signed, as the song goes, "she knew that her darling had died." Read More
The night before Emerson Drive shot the video for their new hit, "Fall Into Me," the group's manager called lead singer Brad Mates. "He said, 'Do you like swimming? Because tomorrow you're going to be doing a few scenes in the water,'" recalls Brad. "I said, 'What kind of scenes?'" Read More
Dan Seals hasn't lost any of his drive since he "bopped" to the top of the charts in the '80s. "I'd love to have another No. 1 record," declares the 54-year-old Texan, who has enjoyed 11 of them during his 19-year solo career, including "Bop" and "Love On Arrival." Read More
What you see is not always what you get. Take Cledus T. Judd. On the outside, the comedian whose videos spoof the biggest stars is a laugh a minute. But on the inside, Cledus suffers from manic depression, which was diagnosed when he sought treatment several years ago for a serious cocaine problem. Read More
During the summer between his junior and senior years of high school, something strange happened to Darryl Worley. You could call it a growth spurt - but that would be an understatement. Read More
The worst winter ever was probably '98," recalls Alan Clark. "A Ramen noodles Christmas, for sure." Alan, the eldest of the six brothers who make up The Clark Family Experience, lets out a heavy sigh. That Christmas, with the whole group and their crew stuffed into a small Nashville apartment, seemed like the low point for the group. Read More
Hank Cochran often gives credit to the Man Upstairs for the classic songs that have landed the Mississippi-born singer/songwriter in the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. Read More
I found this really great house!" she says excitedly. "It's in an older neighborhood that's being refurbished. I'm mostly unpacked, but I've still got boxes sitting around with stuff in them. Read More
?D/ Kessie Marie get along well. Usually. "She's really good about picking me up and throwing me," reports Kessie, 29. "When I was 15, I would throw her down the stairs," confirms 24-year-old Chaz. "She ran into the kitchen one day, saying, 'Mom! Chaz is throwing me down the stairs!' And I yelled, 'Yeah, and I'll do it again if you don't shut up!' " Read More
High on a hill outside Nashville, Ricky Skaggs steps out the door of his home. The wind drifting through the front-porch wind chimes punctuates his words with a sweet, gentle melody. Read More
I was very ready for this album to come out," says Andy Griggs, sitting on the couch in his home outside Nashville. Read More
I had 25 shots of Jack Daniel’s a night on my last three drinkin' days - third, fourth and fifth of November in 1995," recalls Daron Norwood with the passion of someone who knows he's lucky to be alive. "And on my knees I cried out, ‘God, I gotta do something - or die.'’” Read More
I've been a lot of different people," Kris Kristofferson says offhandedly. Indeed, he's been a scholar, soldier, songwriter and actor. Now, more than anything, he's a contented family man living in Hawaii. Read More
Naomi is well-known as the star mom of super singer Wynonna and movie star Ashley Judd. She is also known for speaking her mind. Look for her homespun words of wisdom in a new Country Weekly column, Ask Naomi, beginning soon. Readers are invited to write for her advice on love, health, family ... anything. But beware - Naomi plans to tell it like it is! Read More