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Reba McEntire and Shelby Blackstock: Mom Says, Son Says

We put Reba and Shelby in the “crossfire,” asking them both the same question but expecting different results. In the end, we were a little surprised by their answers.

What is his/her most annoying habit?

REBA: Putting his earphones in and listening to his music when I’m just wanting to talk.

SHELBY: When we’re talking on the phone, she gets very excited sometimes and she’ll ask a question and then before I’m even ready to answer, she’ll ask another question and then she’ll get excited off of that one and ask another one and I’ll have to slow her down.

What don’t other people know about him/her that you want them to know?

REBA: Shelby knows how to keep a secret. You tell him, “Do not tell anybody this,” and he will take it to the grave. And another thing, he doesn’t lie. 

SHELBY: Overall, she’s just your average, everyday person, to be honest. She’s not any different. You could walk up to her and start a conversation. That’s just the kind of person she is and how she is, an overall loving person.

What’s his favorite dish that you make/what dish do you like for your mom to make?

REBA: My hamburger beans with Mexican cornbread. It’s kind of like a soup. It’s got hamburger, red beans, corn, green beans and then I make Mexican cornbread with creamed corn and layers of cheese in it.

SHELBY: She has a special soup she makes. It has a little bit of everything—green beans, corn, a little bit of beef—it’s just kind of like a big stew. It’s hard to explain, but it’s really good. Every time she makes it, everybody gets excited.

What song is Shelby’s favorite/What is your favorite Reba Song?

REBA: “You Lie.”

SHELBY: “Fancy,” probably, just because my dad is extremely good at setting up stages and setting up encores. It has been the encore for her for I don’t know how long. But that’s definitely one song that seeing live is worth seeing just because it’s such a good show ending.

What was the last thing you grounded him for/you were grounded foe?

REBA: We took his car away for throwing a party at the house while we were gone without asking.

SHELBY: I thought I had the night planned out perfectly. I had a couple of friends over and one thing led to the other and there were a lot of friends over by the end of the night. It turned out to be a pool party, but everything was good to go, then I forgot to do the laundry. So there were a bunch of extra towels laying around and they started questioning me on that and I said, “Yeah, I swam a bunch of times.” And they were like, “You got a new towel every single time?”

Who’s the biggest pushover: Reba or Narvel?

REBA: Oh, me. He’s got me wrapped around his little finger. Narvel says, “Oh my Lord, it’s sickening.” It is. Oh my God, he’s the love of my life. Mama always said, “You haven’t lived until you’ve had a child of your own.”

SHELBY: I got kind of [ripped off] in this deal. My dad, in his first marriage, had three kids—Brandon, Chass and Shawna. And when I was born, they were all from 18 to 11 and they kind of pushed the boundaries and found the limits of my dad and mom. So my dad and mom knew every trick in the book. But neither one is a pushover, and when I do finally get to get a word in and can stake my claim, it turns into a business proposition. And my mom normally is like, “Oh yeah, that sounds good.” Then I get to my dad and he’s like, “No.” Then he goes back to my mom and explains it to her and she’s like, “Lord, no!” So, it’s like a double failure! 

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