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Country’s Hottest Bachelor of 2010


Originally published in the May 3, 2010 issue of Country Weekly magazine featuring Gary Allan on the cover.

What makes a guy hot? Well, beauty, it is said, is in the eye of the beholder. And we have no doubt about it, many of you ladies would love to be holdin’ any or all of our Country’s Hottest Bachelor Top 10 honorees. The results are in. After logging and counting nearly 40,000 votes at, we have our winner: Gary Allan is Country’s Hottest Bachelor. 

10 Stephen Barker Liles of Love and Theft

Being the subject of Taylor Swift’s song “Hey Stephen” is one thing, being honored as one of Country’s Hottest Bachelors is quite another, according to Stephen. “I made it!” shouts the clean-cut Love and Theft member when told he made the cut. “I was surprised I was even on the [nomination] list.” What makes him hot? “My sister says maybe I give off a sexy bad boy vibe, but I’m really a nice fun guy. It’s my parents’ fault,” he says with a laugh.

9 Phil Vassar

Perhaps it’s the creative spark that flows from this singer/songwriter/piano player extraordinaire that makes the ladies love Phil Vassar. Maybe it’s his witty humor, or the fact that he dabbles in skiing and snowboarding to keep in shape. Whatever it is, Phil’s just glad he’s on the list. “It feels good,” the Virginia native says modestly. “I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it’s funny to me.” Phil, who recently toured Europe, is currently crisscrossing the U.S. 

8 Jake Owen

Tall and ruggedly handsome, Jake paints the picture of a confident guy who knows what he wants. But making this list of Hottest Bachelors is something he would never have considered a few years ago. “It’s always a compliment and it’s flattering,” Jake says before admitting he was “kind of a dork” in high school. What changed? “I’ve always tried to embrace something my mom taught me—just keep on smiling and enjoy what you’re doing.”

7 Bucky Covington

Fans love this American Idol finalist’s long hair and relaxed personality. “Anything the fans get together and vote for is a cool thing,” Bucky says, adding that he views the honor as a steppingstone. “That just puts me one step closer to being on the cover of Country Weekly!” What makes the 32-year-old hot?  “I hope it’s my personality. I try to be respectful.” The hitmaker’s new single, “A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How),” is currently at radio.

6 Danny Gokey

Danny projects that rare combination of masculinity and sensitivity. He carries himself in a confident manner, while his bespectacled look gives him just enough vulnerability that people feel comfortable approaching him. As a contestant on American Idol, Danny proved that he knew his way around a love song, performing spot-on versions of “You Are So Beautiful” and “Endless Love,” among others. His country debut, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me,” can’t help but lift you up and make you feel positive. “A lot of my songs have a romantic feel while others are inspirational,” Danny says. “You can be inspirational and sexy at the same time.” Of this honor, Danny raves, “It is absolutely flattering. Everybody wants to be thought of as sexy.” 

5 Keith Anderson

The energetic “Pickin’ Wildflowers” singer laughingly attributes “my full head of hair—and sense of humor” as reasons he makes the Hottest Bachelor List. His fans would also list his time as a bodybuilder and as a Major League baseball prospect as reasons he’s hot. Was he as good a catch back in college? “No! I’ve had my share of trouble with the ladies,” confesses Keith. “But I was an athlete and in music, so that helped.” The Oklahoma-born singer/songwriter, who has scored on his own with “I Still Miss You” and “Every Time I Hear Your Name,” has also written hits for Garth Brooks and Big & Rich. Catch him at various fairs and festivals this summer.

4 Chuck Wicks

Chuck first captured ladies’ hearts with his touching debut single, “Stealing Cinderella,” a story told from the viewpoint of a young man who is about to be married. And while marriage hasn’t entered Chuck’s world yet, it’s certainly entered his mind. “I’m looking for someone who isn’t serious all the time and is just down-home and relaxed,” he says. The Delaware native, who had a much-publicized relationship with fellow star Julianne Hough, is definitely up for grabs, so to speak. “I know that I have made this list before, but this is the first time I really feel like a bachelor,” he says. “The other times, I was involved in a relationship . . . but now, I’m unattached. This is awesome.”

3 Josh Thompson

Like a true unassuming country boy, the ponytailed Josh laughed when he learned he made the list. “I don’t think of myself as one of country’s hottest bachelors,” he admits. “I haven’t been out very long, but I’ve gained some loyal fans that stand up and go to bat for you.” Best known for his debut single, “Beer on the Table,” the Wisconsin native is currently climbing the charts with the title cut from his album, Way Out Here. A dyed-in-the-wool blue-collar guy, Josh feels most comfortable in jeans and boots. “I’ve never been a flashy kind of guy,” he says. Female fans hoping for a closer look at Josh can check him out on Brad Paisley’s H2O Tour this summer.

2 Chris Young

Last year’s Hottest Bachelor, Chris drove the ladies crazy with his red-hot single “Gettin’ You Home (The Black Dress Song).” But he balanced that smoky tune with his emotion-filled follow-up, “The Man I Want to Be,” which has sent hearts smoldering for a different reason. Good news for female fans: the young and handsome Tennessean is currently on the
“available” list. “Right now, I’m strictly unattached,” the 24-year-old tells CW. “ I guess the kind of girl
I would be looking for would be somebody
that could put up with my schedule and likes to laugh. She would have to have a good sense of humor.”

1 Gary Allan

The California native and last year’s runner-up beat out dozens of other nominees to finally claim the crown. As appreciative as he is, Gary admits to being taken aback when he heard the news of the fan-voted honor. “That stuff usually freaks me out, but it ends up doing me good in the long run,” he says with a laugh. “I’m appreciative.”

Known for his rugged, soulful style and touching, personal lyrics, Gary has been scoring hits since releasing his debut album, Used Heart for Sale, in 1996. His distinct, rebellious look and raw vocals have attracted a generation of fans and his popularity shows no signs of slowing.

What’s Gary’s best asset? “I’m superdirect,” he admits. “I’m honest.”

Gary, who has been married three times, doesn’t rule out a fourth wedding, but he’s also not in any hurry. “I guess I could be slowed down, it’s happened before. Is it something I’m dying to do? No. I’m happy single. I like my life. I enjoy being on the road; I enjoy being home. I have no complaints right now.”

The single father is “superclose” to his three children, he says. “I see them a lot.” Would he be willing to be a father again? “Everybody kind of wants to be a dad and have kids and I’ve done all that. I’d be willing to do it again, but only if it was perfect.”

A potential mate “would have to bring a lot to the table,” Gary says. “[I’m looking for] someone who’s secure, sophisticated and confident and who’s generally happy,” he says. 

“They just have to bring sunshine to my life; no rain,” he adds with a chuckle.

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