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Behind the Ink with LoCash Cowboys

Preston and Chris tell the stories behind their tattoos.

photos by Nicole Kopperud

In the June 9 issue of Country Weekly, the LoCash Cowboys Behind the Ink feature, in the NASH Magazine section, was misprinted.

But because the stories of the tattoos are so personal to each individual, we wanted to make sure you saw the words straight from the guys themselves.

Here is the Behind the Ink with LoCash Cowboys feature the way it was intended to appear:

When an artist or songwriter gets a No. 1 song, they always look to do something very special to celebrate that moment. For the LoCash Cowboys—Preston Brust and Chris Lucas—fresh ink was in order to commemorate the time when Keith Urban took their song “You Gonna Fly” all the way to No. 1. “Chris and I made another pact where we would get a LoCash tattoo or the name of a song that went No. 1 when it does, so we did it together,” Preston tells NASH. “It was a no-brainer.”

Preston “You Gonna Fly”: “This is my only tat, but it takes up my entire forearm. I remember the first night after I got it, we were traveling on the bus. It was early in the morning, and I went to rub my eyes in the bathroom on the bus. I saw this whole thing right there in the mirror, and I went, ‘Woah­—that’s a big first tat!’ After that initial shock, it was like I love it, but I did have that moment where I was like, ‘Woah!’ I think my next tat is going to be a lion, because I’m a Leo. I’ve wanted one for a long time.”

Chris “You Gonna Fly”/“Truck Yeah”:
“As long as there’s a No. 1 song written or one that hits the Top 10, I’m going to put it on my arm. I want stars all the way up my arms, neck and on my face if I have to! These were done in kind of the old sailor-looking colors that they used, so they are really vibrant and stand out.”

Chris “Caden/Kaitlyn”: “This one is probably my favorite tat. I wanted to put my son’s name on me somehow, and my wife kind of got jealous. She said, ‘You’re not going to get any more tats unless my name’s on it.’ I asked my tattoo artist if there was any way to combine Caden and Kaitlyn, and they did it. So it’s an anagram that says Caden on one side, and when you flip it over, it says Kaitlyn. It’s fantastic. It came out great!”


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