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Keith Throws “Summer” Party

Celebrates No. 1 single at Nashville bash.

photo by Aaron Crisler

It may have been the end of January, but Keith Urban hosted a "summer" party to celebrate his No. 1 single "Long Hot Summer" at Nashville restaurant Cabana, Tuesday (Jan. 24). Joining Keith on the big day was the song's co-writer, pop singer/composer Richard Marx.

Before the party, Keith met with members of the Nashville media to talk about the song and other topics. Keith noted that he and Richard have written before and said, 'We just clicked right away." They also have other material that could develop into singles, Keith added.

He is also looking forward to his first public performance, a Grand Ole Opry show in Nashville, Feb. 3, since his recent vocal surgery and three-week vocal rest. "I didn't have to cancel any shows [during that time]," Keith explained, adding that the Opry performance was foremost on his list following the surgery.

During his vocal rest, he was not allowed to speak and had to communicate mainly by writing on a whiteboard. "The other senses got stronger. My hearing got a lot better," Keith observed. "I was amazed at how much noise there is, on television and in conversations—how much that is said that could be stripped away."

During the celebration, Keith and Richard received plaques and honors from Keith's record label, their song publishers, the Country Music Association and Country Radio Broadcasters.

Keith closed the party with a performance of "Long Hot Summer," with Richard and a full band joining in.