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What is a Web Feed?

A Web Feed is a concise presentation of the latest content provided on a website or web page. It’s an easy way to be notified of new information on your favorite sites, especially countryweekly.com!

Web feeds are not directly related to any specific technology or format, but there are two very popular formats: RSS and ATOM. Both RSS and ATOM feed formats are created using XML and are very similar. Most feed readers can interpret both formats. It is not important to understand how they work, but it is important for you to recognize these few names as being related and virtually the same.

How do I use a Web Feed?

In order to view the contents of a web feed you need to use a Feed Reader. A feed reader makes it possible for you to collect and read all of your favorite web feeds. Feed readers can be independent programs, part of your web browser or even a feature of some popular websites.

ApplicationTypeOperating System
FirefoxLive BookmarksWeb BrowserWindows/Mac OSX/*NIX
FirefoxSage ReaderWeb BrowserWindows/Mac OSX/*NIX
Internet Explorer 7+FeedsWeb BrowserWindows XP/Vista
Google Reader [NOW DEFUNCT. TRY FEEDLY.]Website
FeedlyWeb Service
NetNewsWireProgramMac OSX, iPhone and iPad
Leaf News ReaderProgramMac OSX
ReederProgramMac OSX + iOS
gReader ProProgramAndroid
Akregator or LifereaProgramLinux and UNIX