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Darius Rucker: “I Don’t Campaign for Anybody, Man.”

Before playing the White House, Darius says folks should do research, not listen to celebs to pick presidents.

Yes, Darius Rucker played at the White House Monday night (Nov. 21), but don't expect him to play for any campaign fundraiser during election 2012.

“I don’t campaign for anybody, man. I don’t do that stuff," Darius told The Washington Post. "Don’t vote for somebody because I did. Vote for somebody because you studied the candidates and figured out that’s the candidate for you.”

In fact, you won't hear anything political in his music, either.

“Politics is ripping this country apart enough. It’s dividing the country right in the middle," Darius says. "I don’t want my music to divide the country. I just want to make music that people like.”