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Blue County’s Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

(Can be kept for 2–3 days.)

Serves 12

Blue County’s Scott Reeves is as skilled in the kitchen as he is onstage. In the Sept. 24 issue of Country Weekly, Scott whipped up a family favorite, Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake. Scott and his Blue County partner, Aaron Benward, talked with Country Weekly about the communal joy they get from cooking a fabulous meal.

“After [my family and I] moved to Nashville,” says Scott, “people brought over food to welcome us here. So now, every weekend, we go to someone else’s house on the street for a bonfire and to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company.”

Aaron, a grilling expert, picked up his cooking interest from his dad. “He loved to cook outdoors,” Aaron recalls. “My pet peeve is if I get the meat too dry. That’s when I haven’t done my job.”

And for you novice cooks, Aaron advises, “You don’t want to try a recipe that is too difficult right away. Just choose a recipe that looks easy, buy the ingredients and follow the instructions. Once you’ve made a dish and see how easy it is, you’ll have a real sense of accomplishment.”

Enjoy this recipe for Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake that’s become a Christmas tradition at the Reeves household.

From the Sept. 24, 2007, issue of Country Weekly.