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“The Voice” Recap: And That’s a Wrap

photo by Tyler Golden/NBC

The final night of the battle rounds gave us rock, country and a beautiful Latin ballad of which the male mentors didn’t understand a word, and yet (like Blake Shelton) we still loved every syllable.

With only one steal remaining, the hour was all about just who Usher was going to scoop up for his team. And how exactly was that going to play out? NBC promos led viewers to believe that craziness was in store, but no jaws were dropping tonight. 

First we were treated to a matchup between youth and experience when 19-year-old Brandon Roush and former MuzikMafia member Shawna P. rocked out on Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart.”

It was Shawna’s battle to lose and she wasn’t about to lose it to a kid—that would be, in her word, “sucky.” With the song totally in her wheelhouse—heck, Shakira was even reminded of Joplin when picking the Southern rocker during the blind auditions—it was no surprise that Shakira picked Shawna.

Next up, it was all hugs and kisses between Adam and his Lady Antebellum advisor Hillary Scott, who offered nuggets of wisdom to Memphis standout Sarah Simmons and Hawaii stud Duncan Kamakana as they prepared to duet on Lady A’s “Wanted You More.” Hillary offered insight into the emotion of the song and also acknowledged Duncan’s heartthrobability: “He’s a crooner," she said. “I imagine him serenading some girl and her just drooling all over him.”

But it wasn’t some girl that Duncan needed to impress, it was Adam—who was simply blown away by Sarah’s “effortless” singing. Blake, too, took note, calling her voice “sweet” and “crystal clear.” He added, “As a fan of this show, I’m going to buy all of Sarah’s music as soon as it’s available. As a coach, she’s a problem.” Is it me or does Blake sound like he’s going to go all Godfather on his competition?

Also advancing, but not worthy of more than a montage: Michelle Chamuel over Chelsea M (Team Usher); Amy Whitcomb took out Agina Alvarez (Team Adam); and Justin Rivers answered my prayers and beat out the dressed alike—that’s creepy, right?—Morgan Twins (Team Blake).

Closing out the battle rounds were Latina singers Mary Miranda and Cathia putting their own spin on Shakira’s “Antes de las Seis,” a song about a bad breakup.

Although Shakira did call it quits on Cathia, there should be no hard feelings since she was saved by Usher, who said adding her to his team gave him versatility. But is it enough to beat the others?