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“Idol” Results: Two Advance to Final

Alicia Keys performs
Alicia Keys performs.
photo by Michael Becker/FOX

We've come to that point in the American Idol season. One more week left, and only two contestants could make that final. Would it be Angie Miller, Kree Harrison or Candice Glover? You probably already know by now, but just in case . . .

Oh, and host Ryan Seacrest acknowledged the impending departure of judge Randy Jackson—news he only heard after it began circulating on the internet. "Maybe a heads up?" he joked. Rumors are also flying that the entire judging panel may be replaced, along with the show's producer, in an effort to revive the franchise. But they're safe from elimination for at least one more week.

The group singalong of Selena Gomez's "Who Says You're Not Perfect" started with some serious audio issues, and it was difficult to hear any of the girls. It got better, I guess, but it was kind of a weak way to start such an important show.

Our own country gal Lauren Alaina came back out (with some pink in her hair) to sing a new tune called "Barefoot and Buckwild." "This is the first song I've co-written. so if people don't like the song, it's a third my fault," she said at the end of her video package. It had all the typical mentions of mud and woods, but she sounded great as usual.

We also got to see Mariah Carey's new midriff-baring video for "#Beautiful" with R&B sensation Miguel, which is actually a pretty cool song, goofy title notwithstanding. Alicia Keys was also present, and sang her funky new song "Tears Always Win."

Upon observing the third-round performances from last night (May 8), Jimmy concluded that Candice won the night. "She did a job every Idol ever has wanted to do. She had that moment. If she goes home, I'm going with her," he said, to a chorus of off-camera "hoorays."

Then the big reveal. Candice was through, and order was momentarily restored to the universe. And she was followed by Kree, which was actually a tiny surprise after last night and the season-long favoritism toward Angie. But man, I'm pretty doggone stoked about those results.

A tearful Angie got to sing Colton Dixon's "Never Gone" one more time, a poignant last scene for a formidable singer.