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Idol Results: Shocking Twist?

A woman will win this year’s “American Idol.”

Angie Miller, Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison and Amber Holcomb
photos by Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Oh, the drama! Oh, the humanity! Oh, whatever.

On Idol results night, America ensured itself a female champ this year. Statistically speaking, they're more likely to be famous. That's got to make the producers feel pretty good.

Before all that, the remaining six contestants did a Bacharach/David mashup of "You'll Never Get to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)," "Always Something There to Remind Me," "A House Is Not a Home," "That's What Friends Are For" and more.

Ryan Seacrest separated out Angie Miller, Lazaro Arbos and Kree Harrison to three different parts of the stage to set us up for . . . something.

But first our friend Scotty McCreery was back on the Idol stage, so we got to hear him sing "See You Tonight." He was also sporting some buff-looking arms under a tight T-shirt.

Then the remaining three were matched up: Janelle with Angie, Amber with Lazaro and Candice with Kree. Ryan noted these pairs represented the bottom two, the top two and the middle two. It could have gone any number of ways at this point, considering how the judges fawned over Amber but couldn't stand Lazaro.

The queen mum of Idols Kelly Clarkson was back, with some black-light paint spattered over her and the band, to sing "People Like Us." It was a big, dance-floor-ready tune about sticking together when times are tough—a pretty far cry from the languid country R&B sound of "Don't Rush." But she's just that versatile of a singer.

And finally, results. Candice and Kree were the top two, which is exactly as it should have been. 

Lazaro and Amber were the bottom two, so Angie and Janelle were safe.

The cameras kept rolling in the commercial break, which was kind of weird. It was like the setup to some big "shocker," but there wasn't really any. Except, wow, Lazaro actually got voted out and had to sing for the save. He sang "Feelin' Good," one of his season highlights.

Would the judges save him after weeks of telling him he wasn't up to snuff? Of course not. 

But don't feel too badly for Lazaro. He came a really long way in this competition, more than a whole lot of people. 

So the male winning streak is over. The judges still have to use that save next week, so it's like a free pass to do whatever. Free jazz/death metal ensemble, maybe?